Gene Berge

Gene Berge

Counselor, K-5th

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As school counselors, our desire and mission is to address the spiritual, personal/social, academic, and career needs of every student from a Biblical-worldview. Students today face many challenges, pressures, expectations, and may encounter personal challenges such as coping with anxiety, learning struggles, family troubles, or other difficulties. To meet these needs we often work behind the scenes helping our students develop friendships, problem-solve, resolve conflict, and cope with stress or manage transitions. School counseling is intended to be short-term to help students identify problems, causes, coping skills, and develop goals to take appropriate action. If at any time we feel that the student needs more extensive support then is typical for school counseling, we would refer the family to an outside counselor or therapist.

In addition, we are also proactive in providing monthly guidance lessons to all of our students. We work to provide our students with skills and strategies in a preventative approach to better prepare them to cope and manage any challenges they may face. Our aim is to support students, parents, faculty, and staff as we work together to meet their needs and face these challenges. We also aim to encourage a positive school culture, such as facilitating Friendship Month, Kindness Week, and Bullying Prevention Awareness.

Some reasons to contact your child’s school counselor are:

  • Academic Skills Support

  • Career/Future Planning

  • School Adjustment Issues

  • Coping, Problem-Solving, Decision Making Concerns

  • Peer Relationships, and Conflict Resolution Problems

  • Divorce, Separation, and Family Changes

  • Experiencing Loss, Death and Grief

  • School-based and Community Resources Information or Referrals

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Gene Berge (K-5th Counselor)

Mr. Gene Berge (School Counselor, K-4th Grade) began working NCA in 2010. Mr. Berge is a certified school counselor with a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling from City University. Prior to joining NCA, he was the school counselor at Bellevue Christian School for five years and has worked in a public school and other centers and brings a wealth of knowledge to NCA. Mr. Berge actively serves in his church and he and his wife have two children (one of whom attended NCA).