Reading Enhancement


Our reading enhancement program focuses on core skills to form the foundation of all learning.

  • reading
  • writing
  • communication skills and processes
  • making meaning
  • constructing ideas
  • communicating
  • participating in higher-order thinking skills

Literacy is a high priority of instruction at NCA. Literacy includes reading, writing, and communication skills and processes and it forms the foundation of all learning. At NCA, literacy expectations include making meaning, constructing ideas, communicating, and participating in higher-order thinking skills through a biblical worldview that fosters the integration of faith and learning.

Our literacy program is guided by what we want our students to know and be able to do (E/LA standards), balanced assessment, research about effective and best teaching practices, and our knowledge as experienced Christian educators.  Ultimately, however, our literacy goals for NCA students are deeply interwoven into our Portrait of a Graduate and our desire to help students build strong literacy skills for a higher purpose of joining God in His work.

reading enhancement program

Summer Reading Challenge

“So it is with children who learn to read fluently and well:  They begin to take flight into whole new worlds as effortlessly as young birds take to the sky.”   ~  William James

“We came from the public school system -from the onset of our welcome leaders, teachers and students did everything to make us feel welcome”

NORTHSHORE – A Community of Readers!

Reading over the summer really does make a difference!  Research shows that independent reading for pleasure has numerous benefits.  Besides academic and cognitive growth, reading for pleasure also helps children develop empathy and decision making, as well as building their understanding of cultures and perspectives.  Studies also show that students can experience a decline in literacy skills during the summer if they do not continue to read on a regular basis. 

We invite you to partner with us in encouraging your child(ren) to read during the summer.   Visit your community library and help your child find books they want to read.  For younger children, let them choose the books that you read to them.  We would also encourage you to spend time talking about the books your child chooses to read.  Ask about the main characters, the conflicts, which character they relate to, their favorite part, and so on.

Reading for pleasure has benefits that go beyond the academic.  By giving children choices about what they want to read, a lifelong reader is created.  If your child is looking for some suggestions, we have some lists of suggestions on our Summer Reading Challenge page of the Northshore website.

We wish you a happy and restful summer, full of many good books!

The Challenge!

Who will read more? Students or Staff?

1.  Choose a good book and read it!

2.  Complete this Google Form for each book read.

3.  Check out our Summer Reading Dashboard to see our progress.

4.  Repeat with another good book.

reading enhancement

Reading Suggestions

Try one (or many) of the following!

  • A parent’s favorite childhood book
  • A biography, autobiography, or memoir
  • A book about a missionary
  • A book recommended by a friend
  • A book written by C.S. Lewis
  • A book that has more than 500 pages
  • A Newberry Medal book
  • A book your teacher recommends
  • A classic, not already required for school
  • A book based on or about a historical event
  • A book you’ve been wanting to read
  • A book that might make you laugh out loud
  • A book that is a compilation of short stories
  • A book in a genre you don’t normally read
  • A book that teaches you how to do something