Drama & Musical

Middle School Musical

Disney’s FROZEN JR. Middle School Musical has been announced for the 2021-2022 school year! Musical Directors Lisa Walchenbach, Terrie Lemcio, Kaylene Williams, & Jeremy Atkins will overseeing auditions, casting, and rehearsals. Cast and crew will rehearse through to Spring performances.

Save the dates:
March 11, 12, 17 & 18.

Why musicals? Musicals are the most efficient way to deliver all of the arts disciplines in one package. Singing, acting and dancing introduce young people to music, language arts and physical education. The creation of backdrops, costumes and props engage young people to the visual arts. Computer-driven lights, sound and projections expose young people to the digital arts and expose students to cutting-edge, twenty-first century skills. That’s the power of musical theatre.

The middle school musical is an annual event at Northshore that ends in a series of performances in March. The musical is an extra-curricular activity where students rehearse several days a week after school from January – March. Auditions happen in the fall and are open to all 6th – 8th-grade students. Typically, there are 50-60 students in the cast and crew.

Some musicals that have been performed at NCA in the past are The Lion King, Jr, Getting to Know Oklahoma, Music Man, Jr, The Little Mermaid, Jr., Annie, Jr, Beauty and the Beast, Jr, Aladdin, Jr, and many more. The musicals give a wonderful opportunity for students, staff, and parents to work together in community with a common goal.

Outreach Performance

One of the ways we like to reach out to the community outside of Northshore is through our annual “Outreach Matinee” performance of the middle school musical. We reach out to senior citizen centers and church groups, homeschool organizations, and other people that are not a part of our NCA community and invite them to a free performance of our middle school musical. This event has been hugely successful on all accounts in the past. Our students love the opportunity to bless others through their performances. Our church and school staff join together to host the guests and help the event run smoothly. Our parents volunteer their time to support the event. We are grateful when we get to share what we have with others.

Parent Volunteers

Parents are welcome to volunteer in a variety of ways at NCA. It is our goal to partner with parents in the whole education process. The middle school musical is one way that parents jump in and contribute to the success of the process. Set building, creating costumes, organizing meals, helping with hair and make-up, supporting the ticketing and ushering process, concessions, decorating, and many other jobs are taken on by our parent community. Every year, we hear parents comment about what a wonderful thing it is to support our students by helping in the musical, how much fun they are having, how they are creating bonds and friendships that stretch beyond the musical timeframe, and how happy they are to be a part of the Northshore community in this way. We are so grateful for the amazing parents we have at NCA and their willingness to pitch in and do whatever they can to help. Our parent volunteers are a wonderful example of the body of Christ, each person bringing their gifts and talents to share, and together we experience something extraordinary.


Middle School Drama

In Drama Class students will explore creative ways for self-expression and the use of drama to minister to others. Students will learn philosophy, history, stage basics, and various acting techniques that enable them to perform well in front of an audience.

The benefits of drama include increased confidence and self-esteem, imagination, focus, critical-thinking skills, problem-solving, communication skills, collaboration, the empathy of others and an appreciation for arts and culture. In addition, Drama is fun!

In elementary school, NCA students have the opportunity to explore drama through classroom skits and presentations, music class productions, through the fifth grade ACTS leadership team, and through various classes offered through the Northshore School of Arts and Enrichment. Once in middle school, Drama class is year-long elective class in which students may choose to enroll

6th grade Drama gives an introduction to stage directions, basic theatre vocabulary, and theatre etiquette. Students learn improvisation techniques, beginning character development, stage movement and blocking (how our bodies affect our performances), and introduction to pantomime. There are various individual, pair and large group performance projects throughout the year and students will learn audition techniques, such as how to prepare and perform a monologue.

7th/8th grade Drama deepens the understanding of all the areas explored in 6th grade Drama. Students continue to build improvisational skills, they experience vocal techniques and warm-ups and increase their theatre vocabulary. They gain an understanding of advanced stage directions and they work on creating a character through movement, voice and emotions. There is an opportunity for script analysis during monologue and scene projects. They also learn to understand persuasive communication techniques by writing and performing commercials in small groups. This class gives students the chance to explore character objectives, obstacles and choices, and to collaborate with others in multiple class experiences to deepen essential communication and problem-solving skills.