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Sarah Doty

Sarah Doty

WatchDOGS Coordinator

Questions? Please contact us at (425)322-2348 or sdoty@nca.school

WatchDOGS begin their day on campus by assisting with the arrival of our students.  Dogs can be seen on weekday mornings helping families in the crosswalk and greeting students with a smile and a high-five.

Two security walks are preformed each day by our WatchDOGS around the perimeter of our campus.  Come prepared to spend time both inside and outside throughout the day.

WatchDOGS assist Middle School students in the transitions between classes and monitor the hallways of all campus buildings.

DOGS are on hand during lunch and recess times to increase safety and interact with the students.  This includes visiting with students at lunch tables, tossing a football, playing tag or basketball and being available to help staff and students alike.

Schedules may also include interaction in younger grade classrooms working on math or reading skills and time with our Specialists in classes such as Project Lead The Way (STEM), foreign language, art and music.​

Schedule for «Day», «Start_DateTime»

WatchDOG «First_Name» «Last_Name»

Student:  «Student_1»                Teacher:  «Student_1_Teacher»

Student:  «Student_2»                Teacher:  «Student_2_Teacher»

Student:  «Student_3»                Teacher:  «Student_3_Teacher»

8:00-8:10am        Check-in at the office with your student(s) and:

  1. Receive your official ‘Dog Tag’ name tag
  2. Have picture taken with your student(s)
  3. Sign Daily Orientation Agreement
  4. Receive Daily Schedule
  5. Take your student(s) to their arrival location

8:15-8:40am        Parking Lot Supervision- Crosswalk & West Exit

8:30-9:10am        Middle School Chapel Wednesday Only


8:40-9:20am        Security Walk (see map)

9:20-9:45am        Help your student’s class get ready for and assist at recess Kindergarten Only

9:25-10:15am      Math Class with your student (2nd-5th)


9:25-10:00am      Classroom time with your student (K or 1st)

9:40-10:20am      K-2nd Grade Chapel Wednesday only

10:20-11:00am     Recess Assistant 

11:00-11:30am     Lost & Found (see Sarah Doty)

11:30-11:45am     Middle School Lunch, Recess & Hallway Transition (11:45am)

 11:50-12:40pm    Classroom Spotlight: Upper Elementary Spanish (F105)                                              Wednesday only

 11:10-11:45am     Middle School Lunch, Recess & Hallway Transition (11:45am)

11:50-12:40pm    Recess & Lunch with Kindergarten (room)

 11:50-12:40pm    Recess & Lunch with 1st Grade (Cascade Pavilion)

 12:20-1:10pm      Recess & Lunch with 4th & 5th Grade (Cascade Pavilion)        

12:50-1:40pm      Recess & Lunch with 2nd & 3rd Grade (Cascade Pavilion)

1:40-2:00pm        Final Security Walk & Campus Cleanup (supplies in                                                      Academy Office)

 1:10-1:50pm        Classroom Spotlight: Engineering- Project Lead the Way                                              (C126) Wednesday

 2:00-2:30pm        Classroom time with Student

 2:00-2:15pm        Recess with 1st Grade First Grade Only

 2:25-2:40 pm       Recess with Kindergarten Kindergarten Only

 2:30-3:00 pm       Library Assistant


2:25-3:00pm        3rd-5th Grade Chapel Wednesday only

 3:00pm                Please return safety vest and other supplies to the Academy                                        Office

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