Frequently Asked Questions

Sarah Doty

Sarah Doty

WatchDOGS Coordinator



Will I only help in classes with my own student(s)?

WatchDOGS are assigned to different areas of the school based on the needs of the teachers and students.  You will spend some time in your child’s class, getting to know the teacher and classmates, but you may also be asked to serve in other classrooms or assist other teachers throughout the day. 

What do I do when I am in a classroom?
The teacher may ask you to do a number of different things in the classroom including, working with small groups of students on math, reading or spelling skills, making copies and collecting classroom resources or helping grade and file student work. 
What should I do if I see a discipline issue?

WatchDOGS are encouraged to gently remind students of behavior with phrases like, “Remember to use level 1 voices in the hallway”, “Let’s keep our hands to ourselves please” or “Let’s work on making the best choice with our friends, teacher, etc.”.  However, WatchDOGS are asked to please refrain from punishing or disciplining the students in any way.  Please report discipline issues to the teacher/staff member who is overseeing the class, or to the office administration if the issue is taking place outside of the classroom.  

What do I do at recess and in the lunchroom?

The quick answer- ENGAGE! This is a great time to interact with the students and with your child’s friends and classmates.  At recess, you can feel free to join in on a game of basketball, start a game of tag or learn to play Ga-Ga Ball (an NCA recess favorite).  If you would prefer not to engage in physical activities with the students, this is also a great time to keep an eye out for the safety of our students and act as an overseer while they play.  In the lunchroom, you can engage with students by sitting or standing with their tables and asking simple questions to open conversations; “What is your favorite lunch item?”, “If you could trade one item in your lunch for one item in another lunch, what would you choose?”, “If you could order lunch from your favorite restaurant what would you order?”.  If while you are wondering around the room you hear conversations or see behavior that is not God-honoring, you can simply say, “Let’s keep things appropriate!”.  Please report continued behavior to lunchroom staff.