Guiding Principles – Traditional School

The 2020-2021 reopening plan for our school was designed with a phased approach that allowed us to hold steady, prepare for interruptions, or make changes to reflect new guidance. We have continued to maintain flexibility and monitor national Center for Desease Control (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and WA Depepartment of Health (DOH) guidelines and recommendations.

The following 6 guiding principles reflect the standards, procedures, and protocols that we used to reopen on campus this year:

  1. Maintaining a Healthy Campus Environment
  2. Monitoring illness
  3. Maintaining mask and physical distancing requirements
  4. Promoting daily hygiene routines
  5. Evaluating restrictions
  6. Supporting well-being



Northshore Christian Academy provides a dynamic, Christ-centered, forward-thinking education. This year we are offering two enrollment options:

NCA Traditional – On-campus learning, Monday through Friday, face-to-face education for students (with robust distance learning from same classroom teachers and curriculum if necessary due to safety precautions).

100% Virtual Academy – NCA Virtual Academy offers 100% off-campus learning for families who prefer to have their student learn from home. NCA teachers facilitate high quality engaging virtual learning with parent support. Provides increased learning flexibility while remaining a part of the NCA community. Please note that students who are 100% virtual do not participate with on-campus learning or activities during the school day.

Both NCA enrollment options are within our shared unified school community, are guided by NCA teachers, and contain our high academic excellence standards, solid biblical integration and meaningful student discipleship.

100% Virtual Option

NCA Virtual Academy offers 100% off-campus learning for families who prefer to have their students learn from home. NCA teachers facilitate high quality engaging virtual learning with parent support. Provides increased learning flexibility while remaining a part of the NCA community. Please note that students who are 100% virtual do not participate with on-campus learning or activities during the school day. To learn more or register, go to our NCA Virtual Academy webpage>


Campus Health & Safety

NCA plans to resume on-campus, in-person teaching and learning for the 2020-2021 school year beginning September 8, 2020. The school will adhere to the guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, AAP, the health department, the Reopening Task Force, and the Medical Advisory Committee.

Maintaining a Healthy Campus Environment

Safety Procedures Training

Returning to campus is going to look and feel different for us. NCA is implementing many changes to support best practices necessary for schools to reopen safely. To ensure everyone is familiar with our new safety protocols and routines, NCA is providing all students and employees with Safety Procedures Training.

Safety Signage

Signs posted in highly visible locations that promote everyday protective measures and describe how to stop the spread of germs.

Entrance Check Stations and Closed Campus

Temperature check stations are in place at entrance points. Access to buildings are only for students, staff and visitors with specific appointments.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures

Thorough cleaning procedures and routines are in place daily and nightly. Three new processes including electrostatic and fumigator machines provide additional ways to maintain a sanitized environment. All processes have been approved by CDC and safe for school environments.

Ventilation System

In 2011, the HVAC equipment at Northshore was upgraded with the CATALYST System developed by Transformative Wave Technologies. This system gave us greater control and efficiency in the operation of our units and allowed us to take advantage of Demand Control Ventilation, ease of scheduling, and the ability to quickly make adjustments to our HVAC including making adjustments to outside air volumes. We are in the process of converting our legacy controller to their updated cloud-based platform, which will provide enhanced features including a Pandemic Mode, which will allow us to reprogram our RTUs at the touch of a button for ASHRAE and CDC Covid-19 recommendations.

We are currently using MERV8 filters. In consulting with our HVAC service company and Transformative Wave, we believe that increasing the volume of outside air will reduce the urgency for upgrading filters. We have offered the use of our electrostatic sprayer for use in disinfecting the MERV8 filters when they are changed out by our service provider.

Let me first say that you are among only a handful of churches that actually have the ability to address these new recommendations from the CDC and ASHRAE via technology. As it turns out, beyond energy efficiency, the CATALYST provides the connectivity and deep reach into the RTU economizers to facilitate an automated response. You can take some pride in this. In fact, I am confident that less than 5% of all single story and two-story commercial buildings have the tools to do what you can do.Danny Miller, President of Transformative Wave

Shared Hands-On Teaching Materials

Cleaning and disinfecting hands-on materials as often as after each use. Limitation of teaching materials to those that are easily cleaned. As noted by the DOH’s guidelines, children’s books and other paper-based materials are not high risk for spreading the virus.

Monitoring Illness

Keeping our campus healthy will be a collective effort, one we are asking everyone in our school community to support. With everyone’s cooperation, we have a much better chance of minimizing risk and maintaining a healthy environment. Notifying the school if someone in your family has tested positive for COVID-19 is vital. Tracing diagnosed cases within our school community will allow a better understanding of school-wide health.

Health and Wellness Pledge: A Family Commitment

Following the Governor’s Phase requirements with your family is critical for our school community. During Phase 2, only groups of 5 or less, outside a family group, are allowed with masks and social distancing in place. Large social events could have a significant impact on exposing our school.

Daily Temperature and Health Checks

Daily health screenings (temperature check, questionnaire, and symptom check) will help to keep the school day healthy. Health checks upon entering school and mid-day (as necessary) are part of the school routine. Touchless thermometers are abundant on campus for greater efficiency. Students, staff, and visitors will be checked at entrance points every day.

NCA Response Team

The response team will be responsible for maintaining healthcare protocols while adhering to CDC, AAP, and health department procedures. The COVID Medical Advisory Committee will advise the school and church. The Fall Safe Start Task Force provides representation to the development of opening plans.

Health Clinic

The health clinic, led by our school nurse Mrs. Gina Kikuta, BSN, is ready to provide screening and isolation as needed. Additional health care staff will be on-site assisting in our designated isolation room if needed.

If a student runs a fever, is coughing or short of breath, he/she will be sent quickly to the health room and assessed.  If it is determined the student has illness symptoms, they will be cared for in the isolation room until a parent can pick them up from school.

Deciding when to stay home

Parents knowing when to keep children home from school is a very important part of keeping our campus healthy. We have outlined key protocols to help families determine when a child should stay home.

If a student or faculty/staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19, the NCA Response Team is trained in maintaining healthcare protocols and will adhere to CDC, AAP, and health department procedures.

Maintaining Physical Distancing

Understanding that schools, by design, are not conducive to physical distancing, NCA will adhere to guidelines in order to maintain a safe learning environment. According to the CDC, AAP, and DOH, keeping distance, handwashing, and wearing a face mask are key to eliminating exposure. Our Fall Opening Task Force has determined campus routines throughout the day to maintain social distancing. This includes hallways, classrooms, restrooms, and recess. We understand that small children need encouragement and monitoring to maintain 4-6 feet distance.

Promoting Daily Hygiene Routines

Facility team members will deep clean spaces after hours as well as wipe down door handles and hard surfaces during the day. Students will partner with faculty/staff to prioritize regular cleaning practices for desks, equipment, writing utensils, and other classroom materials. Sharing of learning supplies will be avoided.

Requirements of Face Coverings

Face coverings are required by the Governor’s Phased Start plan for all citizens. The state licensing agencies require face coverings for all children over the age of 5. Snohomish County DOH has conveyed to us that face masks are preferred, however, face shields are acceptable as an alternative due to health reasons. Face shields need to tightly fit, cover below the chin, and around to the ears.

Two clean face masks need to accompany children to school every day. They must fit tightly around the nose and below the mouth. Masks can be patterned and colorful. However, they cannot be offensive, political in nature, or scary to others. All adults on campus must wear face masks.

Evaluating Restrictions

NCA continues to evaluate recommendations, mandates, data, and successful practices across the nation. In order to control the environment under shifting health conditions, movement on and off campus will have to be reshaped; checking students in and out of school, volunteering, parent and student-led conferences, etc. There will be a strict protocol for any visitor entering campus regarding substitutes, tutors, vendors, etc. In addition, retreats, class trips, expeditionary learning experiences, and field trips will have to be reimagined or delayed to the spring. Athletic teams and performing arts programs are subject to outside agency guidelines that are substantially impacted by COVID 19. At this time those are postponed and under review for 2nd semester by outside agencies.

Support Well-Being

The social, emotional, and spiritual health of our students, staff, and community is a high priority during this unprecedented, evolving situation. A daily routine connecting students with teachers can increase feelings of safety, security, and stability. Therefore, our culture will be one that cultivates loving, secure relationships and avenues to process feelings and express thoughts.

The school recognizes that students and staff have been at home for an extended period of time while having very little social interaction. NCA is ready to serve and support our community as we reunite in September. Our school counselors, nurse, campus pastors, principals, and teachers are ready to provide a loving, secure environment with additional emotional supports as needed.

Our school plans to focus on social, emotional, and spiritual instruction through the guidance of our two counselors and campus pastors.  We recognize students do best in social settings and may need to relearn some skills lost over the past six months.

Standard of Care

Northshore Christian Academy will provide a standard of care following the mandates set forth by the CDC, DOH, and Governor for schools. While implementing these new mandates, NCA has four key goals for the first three weeks of school:

  • Assessing a student’s learning level and setting out an individualized plan for academic growth.
  • Building a dynamic, loving classroom community that connect students and teacher for optimal learning. Assessing each student’s social, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  • Sharpening student’s learning tools such as organizational skills and tech mastery skills in light of distance learning possibilities.
  • Training in school routines that comply with the DOH and CDC mandates for in-person instruction.

Programs that meet the DOH guidelines and will continue in September:

  • Thrive Academic Tutoring
  • Individual instrument lessons
  • Speech Meet and Math Competitions

With mandates set by the DOH and CDC, several longstanding programs will be delayed until cleared to start up second semester:

  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts concerts and the Musical
  • Northshore School of Arts and Enrichment group classes
  • Cub scouts
  • Safety Patrol
  • PTF Popcorn Friday

Health and Wellness

The following safety measures related to health and wellness will be implemented during both Phase 2 and Phase 3:

  • Students, faculty, staff, and administrators will abide by the school’s face covering policy.
  • All students will be temperature checked at arrival and prior to dismissal. Any student with a temperature of 99.6 or higher will be sent home.
  • Faculty and staff will teach and reinforce frequent hand washing, the covering of coughs and sneezes, and a no-touching the face or one another.
  • Each classroom will be stocked with adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene behaviors including paper towels, hand sanitizer, tissues, and no-touch trash cans.
  • Signs will be visible throughout the school and classrooms on how to stop the spread of COVID-19, properly wash hands, and promote everyday protective measures.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the school – students, faculty, and staff are required to use upon entering and exiting classrooms.

Classroom Environment

The following safety measures related to the classroom environment will be implemented during both Phase 2 and Phase 3:

  • Student desks and tables will be arranged with the maximum social distancing measures possible.
  • Student desks and tables will be arranged to reduce face-to-face positioning as much as possible.
  • Water fountains will not be accessible in the classroom. All students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school each day.
  • Classroom materials and furniture have been minimized for more space and less surface contamination.
  • Students will use their own personal school supplies. There will be no shared supplies.
  • Movement by students within the classroom will be monitored to support social distancing measures.
  • Student and staff groupings will remain as static as possible having the same group of children stay with the same classroom.
  • Students will be permitted to bring backpacks, but we do ask students to only bring those items needed for school each day (lunch box, homework folder, water bottle).
  • 4th-8th graders will only use their assigned Chromebooks in their classrooms.

Campus Visitors Policy 2020-2021

Northshore Christian Academy is committed to the ongoing health and safety of our campus and school families.
Please review the following procedures for on-campus visitors. These details have been created based on the recommendations suggested by the CDC and NCA’s Medical Advisory Taskforce. If you have any questions, please call 425-407-1119. We are very excited to welcome you to our beautiful campus.

  • Not Feeling Well – If a family member is not feeling well or is showing any symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please stay home and do not enter the campus.
  • Masks – Please have children and family members wear masks upon arrival. If you do not have a mask on hand, one will be provided for you.
  • Temperature Checks – To further support a healthy campus, we are asking families to perform a temperature check before coming to campus. Upon arrival, families and children will have their temperature checked by a touchless thermometer. If a temperature reports above 99.5, then please leave campus and contact 425-407-1119 for assistance and/or to reschedule your visit.
  • No Water Fountains – To maintain social distancing and minimize touches, we have turned off water fountains. We have bottles of water available upon arrival.
  • Limited Touch Points and Hand Sanitizer – Hand sanitizer will be available upon arrival and in divisional lobbies.
  • Social Distancing – While visiting campus, please work to maintain a six-foot distance.

For more information on our Campus Reopening plans, please visit www.nca.school/fall reopening.
Interested in an on-campus or virtual Personal Tour? Or want to Apply Today to Northshore Christian Academy? Then please visit www.nca.school/admissions.

Welcome to Northshore Christian Academy! We are so glad you are a part of our school family this year. Our goal is to have a safe and efficient arrival and dismissal plan so we can manage traffic in an effective manner. In order to do this, we need your help.

We ask that you remain very patient during the first few weeks of school. We have a very efficient system in place, but need a few weeks for our staff to learn to identify parents who are picking up students, and train parents who are new to NCA about this process. The first few weeks of school, the process will be slow. We will be doing all we can do to make sure your child(ren) arrive to school safely.

For details on the Arrival & Dismissal Plan and Maps, go here>

Currently our Lunch and Beverage Programs are both on hold. It is our hope that we will be able to provide these options later in the school year.

Health Guidelines

What is NCA doing to comply with government requirements?

We are closely monitoring and are implementing health guidelines as directed by our Federal, State, and County Governments and are being directed by the:

  • State Board of Education
  • Department of Health
  • American Association of Pediatrics

We will continue to communicate these details with our families as we move towards our Fall classes.

Guiding Principles for Reopening

What is NCA’s focus for reopening campus and the first days of school? 

Our guiding principles for reopening will be to:

  • Provide a healthy and safe standard of care for students, faculty and staff
    while utilizing State and County health guidelines
  • Establish effective use of spaces to support physical distancing
  • Provide students with familiarity of school routines for maximizing learning
  • Cultivate our classrooms as families that are loving, supportive, positive, friendly, and caring
Academic Continuity – Scholastic Excellence and Agility

What is NCA prepared to do if Snohomish County experiences a spike in COVID-19 cases?

If an interruption of our on campus learning actually occurs, we will:

  • Shift to remote learning immediately and effectively with the implementation of our enhanced technology platform
  • Make this transition for students as seamless as possible
  • Make returning back to our classrooms as quickly and safely as possible will be our ultimate goal
On Campus Learning

How will ‘On Campus Learning’ work this year, and what will be provided?


Our regular programing will maintain foundational learning goals for each grade, provide modified programming for healthy classrooms, and offer scheduled specialist and elective classes each day. There will be ample time for lunch and outside recess, and family chapels held on Fridays.  Additionally, we are working to provide after school care, athletics and Northshore School of Arts and Enrichment classes.


Our on campus learning provides a classroom community, as a school family. Spiritual, social and emotional needs are paramount in the fall. Students are eager to make deep friendships and participate in new grade level activities. We are ready to build the loving, nurturing and friendly fall classrooms that are so enjoyed by students. We are also ready to provide consistency between on campus learning and remote learning should the need arise.

Remote Learning for Interruptions

How will remote learning be different than distance learning used this past year?

The new remote learning model provides improved delivery based on what we’ve learned that has worked well through distance learning this past year and more. It will include:

  • A combination of synchronous live instruction and asynchronous instruction videos
  • Daily live instruction
  • Spiritual growth
  • Social engagement
  • Structure
  • Personalized support
  • Continuity of learning
NCA Virtual Academy

What is NCA’s Virtual Academy and who can be in this program?

This brand new and unique program will provide the opportunity to meet academic standards for a seamless transition back and forth between both our
traditional and 100% virtual enrollment options each given school year, and includes:

  • NCA teachers will facilitate learning and meet virtually every week with students
  • Teachers will be available to advise during school hours
  • A specific teacher is assigned to each student 
  • Curriculum is selected to meet NCA learning standards
  • Pacing of lessons and learning can be individualized
  • NCA school activities are available in the form of virtual opportunities including virtual attendance and recognition in weekly chapel, yearbook inclusion and graduation ceremonies
  • NCA graduation diploma, report cards and preparation for advancement.
  • Virtual Academy provides the opportunity to meet academic standards for a seamless transition back and forth between both our
    traditional and 100% virtual enrollment options each given school year. 

NCA’s Virtual Academy will allow us to support students who are unable to physically be on campus, and will require at-home support and open lines of communication. Families who are interested should contact NCA’s Registrar or Admissions for more information.

Physical Campus - Health and Wellness

How will NCA make the campus safe and healthy for our students?

We will rely on official guidelines and medical recommendations to operate as safely as possible. Measures for classroom safety will include the use of:

  • Daily systems for sanitizing the campus
  • Health room staffed by a registered nurse
  • 7 large indoor spaces: Auditorium, Lunchroom, Performing Arts Center, Gym, Olympic Pavilion, and Rooms A-2 & B-108
  • 5 outdoor play areas throughout the day
  • Large, spacious classrooms

Specific strategies are being developed over the summer in the following areas including, but not limited to:

  • Sanitizing and cleaning processes
  • Screening and monitoring
  • Changes to campus access for visitors, vendors and volunteers
  • Preparing for all possible scenarios and interruptions
  • Training for all employees on health and safety protocols
  • Modification of programs and events in compliance with government orders
Requirements for Face Coverings

Will face masks be required for our students?

Currently the Washington State Governor and the Department of Health is mandating that:

  • All K-12 students wear a cloth face covering or face shield at school
  • If changes are made to requirements, we will evaluate and inform parents
  • Exceptions under advisement of a physician

We understand concerns regarding face masks and difficulty for younger students, and we hope to provide flexibility while meeting criteria mandated.

Healthy Children at School

What can we do as families to make NCA safe for students?

Your partnership in following health policies will positively impact school attendance and keep our school healthy.
Families can show support of NCA’s health and wellness goals by keeping children at home if:

  • They are not feeling well
  • They have Covid-like symptoms
  • They have potentially been exposed to Covid-19

We will endeavor to be the heart of our community in this area into the new school year.

Leadership and Communication

What answers can we expect from NCA and how will specific questions be answered?

Flexibility, transparency and integrity are of the utmost importance and we want to encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.

We are committed to providing clear and continuous communication of essential information and updates for our families throughout the summer. Please look for communication through emails, newsletters, NCA social media and our website updates. Specifically, you will be sent:

  • Back to school email to include many resources, welcome videos and messages in mid-August
  • Classroom assignments and a teacher welcome letter email in August

NCA is a strong, safe and vibrant learning community for your entire family. We enjoy partnering with you to do the best that we can together!

Additional Reopening Information

What additional information will families receive this summer?

Throughout the summer NCA will email families about a variety of topics including:

  • Academic Programming
  • After School Care Program
  • Arrival and Dismissal
  • Athletics and the Arts
  • Back to School Info & Supply Lists
  • Calendar and Event Updates
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Health and Wellness Detailed Info
  • Parent Orientation Schedule
  • Parent Support and Volunteering
  • Student Life
  • Teacher Assignments
  • Uniform Sales and Exchange

Please stay tuned to your email and our website for updates.

Two Enrollment Options

Choose the option that fits your student!

Northshore Christian Academy provides a dynamic, Christ-centered, forward-thinking education. This year we are offering two enrollment options:

  • NCA Traditional – On-campus learning, Monday through Friday, face-to-face education for students (with robust distance learning from same classroom teachers and curriculum if necessary due to safety precautions).
  • 100% Virtual Academy – NCA Virtual Academy offers 100% off-campus learning for families who prefer to have their student learn from home. NCA teachers facilitate high quality engaging virtual learning with parent support.

To see more details on both, click on the Enrollment Options tab above, or contact our Admissions Office with questions:  tgimbel@nca.school

NCA’s 2019-2020 Distance Learning Program Successes

During the 2019-2020 school year, we successfully transitioned to a Distance Learning platform without interruption, providing our NCA families and students with:

  • NCA Distance Learning Parent Portal
  • Extended teacher hours to support students and families
  • Weekly Zoom meetings with our Principals for K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6-8th grades
  • Weekly Newsletters sent out by our Principals
  • Weekly Interactive Online Family Chapels
  • Parent Training Webinar and Q&A for online classes
  • Safety and security measures and instructions for Zoom online classrooms.
  • Distance Learning Sharing – slides and photos of distance learning photos from families
  • Support for Family Challenges including Prayer with Counselors, Pastors and Principals
  • Financial help through our deferred tuition program or our tuition assistance program
  • NCA Family Hardship Fund providing grants for families with tuition support
  • Care-A-Thon fundraising event and card making for health care workers
  • Food Box Ministry:  Feeding the Five Thousand by donating food or by sending us the name of someone who needed a food box.


Request more information about Northshore Christian Academy.


Attend a visit day, shadow a student, or take a campus tour.


Begin or complete an application to attend.