NCA Spring Walk-a-Thon

The NCA Walk -a-Thon is a long-standing NCA spring fundraising tradition. This is one of our two major fund-raisers every year; this tradition encompasses so much more than the actual walking.

It begins in early May and culminates with the school-wide Walk-a-Thon Celebration event.  The celebration event is a fun-filled day with excitement for the entire school, a celebration of the year. What happens leading up to the event, however, is what sets it apart! Each year’s theme shares a message of something foundational about NCA and our commitment to a Christ-centered education.  

As a result, our school community has benefitted tremendously from donor-funded projects such as the new sports court, playground, classroom Promethean boards, STEM, safety & security upgrades and so much moreCareful and intentional stewardship of donated funds has contributed to an educational experience like none other.

2022 Spring Walk-a-Thon Funding Focus

Funds raised will go towards Student Engineering and Technology tools benefitting all ELC and NCA students! Our goal is to strategically integrate STEM into each grade level and across disciplines such as science, math, history, languages, geography & other electives.  Click on the video below for details:  


Why are donations necessary?

Donated funds will towards AR/VR classroom subscription packages, dedicated digital design equipment, flight simulation equipment, “Project Lead the Way” Engineer curriculum & more. Tools such as these increase student engagement, bring classroom concepts to life, and prepare students for the future!

Walk-a-Thon Goal


2022 Spring Walk-a-Thon Results

NCA Students, Staff, Families, Friends, Grandparents, Sponsors & T-shirt Advertisers! We did it! All towards a Student Engineering & Technology Tools- Thank you!



NCA Walk-a-Thon Questions? 

We are here to help! Email Lina Maragliano, NCA Development Director at lmaragliano@nca.school.