Walk-a-Thon Event Day

Walk-A-Thon Event Day

You are invited to the largest
school-wide event of the year! 

Walk-a-Thon Celebration Event Day:  Friday, June 9th

It’s Walk-a-Thon time! It is an exciting event and we have been busy preparing for an amazing Walk-a-Thon. NCA families & students have done their part in raising the funds, and now it’s time to celebrate & walk!

Walk-a-Thon Event Details

  • Each class walks as a group with their “homeroom”.
  • Parents, grandparents, family, and friends are welcome to walk with the class or line the route. This is a stroller-friendly event.
  • Please refrain from bringing pets to the event.
  • Parents are also invited to tailgate in the parking lot around the perimeter – refer to map below.
  • Bring lawn chairs, and cheer on the students with noisemakers, bubbles, pom poms, and more!
  • The walks at 9:45 am and 11:00 am will include the student-beloved bubble pit and spray area!
  • Bring on the water: Adults may bring water dispensing devices to squirt water on the students at the K-2nd  and 3rd -8th grade walks as long as they meet our safety standards.
  • Students may not dispense water on the adults.
  • The “plunger or syringe” type of devices are NOT allowed…any size or shape, purchased or homemade.  See below for more details.
  • Our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast is June 9 from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. If you ever volunteered at NCA, in any way, then this lunch is for you!
  • Parking will be very tight.  Offsite parking will be available and street parking.  Our gates will be closed during the walk times.  Refer to the parking map below for tailgate parking locations
  • Our parking lot gates will close 5 minutes before each walk and remain closed for the entire walk (approx. 45 minutes).
  • Vehicles will not be able to leave the parking lot during the walks.
  • Regular after-school dismissal will take place that day. 

We would love your involvement and really couldn’t do this without you!
Below is a list of items that we think will make this event special for all involved.


  • Families join in the fun and walking.
  • Tailgate, decorate your car, and bring pom poms, bubble machines, bubble wands, signs, noisemakers, etc.
  • Adults may bring water dispensing devices to squirt water on the students at the K-2nd  and 3rd -8th grade walks as long as they meet our safety standards.
  • Respect the boundaries of students, teachers, and staff who are trying to avoid getting wet.
  • Sunscreen your child and send some for reapplication (by law, because of allergies, we cannot provide sunscreen).
  • Students can wear their 2023 Walk-a-Thon t-shirt  (not a free dress day, uniform if not wearing Walk-a-Thon T-shirt)
  • Comfortable walking shoes (No flip-flops please)
  • Join the celebration at 12:00 pm – It’s a huge pep rally! We count down fundraising totals and give fun prizes away!



  • Water on teachers or staff unless prompted, please.
  • Water on students who are obviously trying to avoid becoming wet.
  • Water devices over 10 inches long, please.
  • Please do not douse students with water
  • Syringe/plunger action devices (purchased or homemade)
  • Candy throwing, please

 Celebration Assembly!  

  • The total amount raised and prize winners will be announced during the Celebration Assembly at 12:00 pm.
  • It’s a huge pep rally and celebration – Please attend!
  • Regular after-school dismissal will take place that day.

Thank you again for all the support to make this event a highlight of the year!  

NCA Walk-a-Thon Questions? 

We are here to help! Email Lina Maragliano, NCA Development Director at lmaragliano@nca.school.