8th Grade Legacy Gift Program

Lina Maragliano

Lina Maragliano

Development Director

Leave Your Legacy – 8th Grade Class Gift

We are proud to continue the 2nd annual NCA 8th Grade Legacy Gift Program. This tradition serves as a way for our NCA 8th grade students and families to be remembered while leaving their legacy to others who come behind them.

In June, your student will be graduating from NCA and be off to a whole new exciting world ahead of them.  We are grateful to have partnered with you in their education and development. There have been many days of dedication from all involved pouring into your students every step of the way.  We will continue to partner with you in prayer. Please know you will always be NCA family!

Class of 2022 Legacy Projects:

We invite you to join us in purchasing an Eighth Grade Legacy Gift that will benefit the school for many years to come. For this year’s graduating class we have decided on two projects.
Would you consider donating to the following?

1. Gymnasium Mascot Logo Project:  $3,850

  • It is time for a refresh! Our gym is a high visibility location on our campus through PE and sports.  With our new logo now established, we are excited to put our lion pride on display to show our courage in following the Lord! Here is an example of what we are envisioning.

2. Wi-Fi Enabled TV Monitor System: $4,650

  • We are planning to purchase 3 high-quality wifi-enabled televisions to be placed in key locations throughout the Middle School Pavilions.  Students can receive announcements and content throughout the day and be informed on all the happenings around campus.  The goal is to continue to build the Middle School community, increase the visibility of student-created content, and elevate school spirit through awareness of events and celebratory moments.

Goal: $8500:  $4000 gift already received / $4500 left to go

  • We have been blessed by a gift that gets us $4,000 towards our goal of $8500 to complete both projects.
    With $4,500 left to go, we can’t wait to see these legacy gifts come to life while commemorating your time here at NCA!

Double your Donation with Company Matching!

  • Many employers offer a “Matching Gift Program” to their employees and match our projects dollar-for-dollar! Contact your human resources department to confirm if your employer offers this program. Please email to let us know if you are submitting a gift that will be matched.

How will your gift be recognized?

  • A new plaque will be purchased and acknowledge the 8th Grade Graduating Class Legacy Gifts. Your non-profit donation will also be acknowledged in a letter for tax purposes.

Class of 2021 Legacy gift

Donations from the Graduating Class of 2021  went towards the purchase of two high quality basketball hoop systems which will be prominently placed on our new sports court being constructed right now.  The new sports court will be used each school day for recess, PE, and intramurals for many years to come!

Thank you NCA Class of 2021 families for your generous donations towards this legacy gift!