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Here is information and details for our Virtual Academy Families:

Our Team

Heather Shaw

Heather Shaw

Virtual Academy Director

Kyra York

Kyra York

Virtual Academy Administrative Assistant

Janet Scarth

Janet Scarth

Virtual Academy 3rd-8th Grade Teacher

Mary DeCracker

Mary DeCracker

VA Summer School 6th-8th Teacher


NCA Virtual Academy is honored to be in its second year of serving 3rd-8th grade students and families. The NCA Virtual Academy is a flexible learning model that provides opportunities for self-paced independent learning. Learning is centered around high academic expectations implementing a Christ-centered curriculum, which meets the individualized needs of each student. Our community is focused on building Christ-centered relationships and living out our vision of “Transformed lives…transform lives” with students and families with face-to-face experiences to engage students.

The NCA Virtual Academy provides a hybrid program where students can learn at their own pace through independent study with a teacher facilitator that guides students on their academic track. Students also have the opportunity to be involved in on campus electives, programs, Lions Club Enrichment classes, sports, and activities. We are honored to work with our wonderful students, our highly qualified and dedicated staff, and the supportive parents and community members that make NCA a Blue Ribbon school.

The National Blue Ribbon standards of excellence in learning extends to our NCA Virtual Academy through a Christ-centered curriculum in Biblical Studies, Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, and Social Studies. NCA is devoted to our unique STEM initiatives providing multiple enrichment opportunities, producing well-rounded, engaged, and accomplished students. Our NCA Fine Arts and elective courses allow all NCA students to excel with a complete academic preparation program while being encouraged to find their individual passions. Our faculty guides, encourages, and leads students during their foundational and innovative learning journey and is proud to provide a family-centered, nurturing environment enabling our students to thrive.

Weekly Chapels, community service programs, field trips, and numerous extracurricular activities allow students to try new things and explore various interests. NCA Virtual Academy students will have many opportunities to stretch, grow, and thrive, while wrapped in the love of Christ lived out daily by our faculty and staff.

Who we serve?

The NCA Virtual Academy is for any student in grades 3rd-8th. Whether your child is an athlete, advanced learner, homeschooler, career- or college-bound—or any situation in between—they’ll enjoy a high-quality Christ-centered education that fits their needs.

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NCA Virtual Academy – FAQ’s

How can we transfer from NCA Virtual Academy to Traditional school, and vice versa?

Fill out a transfer application form and submit it to our Admissions/Enrollment Department. Billing will be seamless from the NCA Billing Department. Report cards and progress reports will be issued in the same way for both our Traditional and Virtual Academies.

What school supplies do we need?

3rd – 8th grade students will need a dedicated computer with audio and video capabilities for zoom participation.

Will my child have a specific teacher?

Students are assigned to a specific, certified NCA teacher, who has experience in their specific grade level area.

Will there be any interaction with other students?

Each grade will start out the day with a 30-minute Zoom call with their teacher. They will check in with each other, set the goals for the day, and begin the day with prayer.

Will I be able to come to NCA for events? Sports? Concerts?

Yes, they will be able to attend specific school events. These include weekly on-line chapels and additional involvement in NCA programs such as school pictures, yearbook, graduations, and they will receive report cards and 8th grade diplomas from NCA.

What kind of computer/devices do we need?

3rd – 8th grade students will need a dedicated computer that has internet access and zoom capabilities.

Will there be specific hours for NCA’s Virtual Academy?

Teachers will be available from 8:30am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday, for phone conferences as necessary. Morning meetings will be scheduled and set on a daily routine.

Will there be physical workbooks or materials provided?

All learning workbooks and online curriculum are provided by the school. Students will need basic school supplies to complete their assignments from home.


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