Foreign Language

NCA partners with Foreign Language for Youth (F.L.Y.) to offer Spanish, French, and Mandarin Classes.  Classes begin in October and meet once a week through May.

Level: All levels are accommodated within each class. 

F.L.Y.’s small class size and multi-level curriculum allow students the chance to learn in a multi-age, multi-level environment. Their curriculum levels are designed so students at different levels are addressing similar topics while practicing different skills during each lesson. This allows F.L.Y. teachers to give personalized attention to each student’s progress while also allowing the whole group to engage in activities like songs and games, which are relevant to every student. For example, while first level students are learning vocabulary and simple dialogues, students in more advanced levels work independently on conjugating verbs and writing sentences.

Benefits of the F.L.Y. Program:

  • Immersion learning: Students learn through immersion around games, songs, actions, and drama
  • Fun and custom curriculum: Our dialogue-based curriculum is designed and written specifically for our classes with increasing levels and immersion for student advancement.
  • All our teachers are fluent and love to share their culture. F.L.Y. exposes our students to over 80 sentences and 1,000 vocabulary words which plunge into our short, practical dialogue segments.
  • Parents and family involvement: Family and friends are invited to Student Presentation Days held twice throughout the year.
  • Presentation Days provide an opportunity for parents to see what their students are learning.
  • Students have a chance to show off what they’ve learned, and you will have a chance to be a part of their learning experience.
  • Classes work around students’ school schedules.
  • Small class sizes allow more one-on-one attention.
  • Your student is personally involved in the class.
  • Engaging activities: games, songs, skits, and fun exercises
  • An established curriculum that focuses on conversation and vocabulary.
  • Advanced curriculum for returning and advanced students.
  • Our curriculum is based on the theory that children are active, social learners.
  • F.L.Y. teachers are college-educated, fun, engage with their students, fluent in their target language and have spent time in the target language country.
  • All FLY Teachers’ have passed the same background checks applied to Washington State public school teachers.