T-Shirt Details

t-shirT-Shirt Details

Color Options:  “Glow in the Dark T-shirts are Back!”

NCA Walk-A-Thon T-Shirt Details


  • One t-shirt will be earned for every $50 in donations collected – Students can collect all 5 colors. 
  • Tie-Dye is a Middle School incentive and is ONLY available for current 5th-8th graders (1 per student).
    * If more than 1 tie-dye t-shirt is selected, it will be substituted with a solid color t-shirt.
    *  If ELC- 4th grade selects the tie-dye t-shirt, it will be substituted with a solid color t-shirt.

  • Submit your donation for Company Matching and your student will receive shirts according to the FULL amount of the donation including matching –
    We honor the match, even before we get it.  
  • Parents, you will make color/size selections when you set up your Walk-a-Thon Snap-Raise online fundraising account.
  • There are no t-shirt exchanges – We do not “stock” t-shirts – they are screen printed each week based on your submitted preferences.
  • The t-shirts are the same brand, sizes, and fit as our PE T-shirts. It is best to guess on the “big” side.         
  • Students may wear the t-shirt or sweatshirt with jeans or uniform bottoms, including PE pants, for the remainder of the year, (except Wednesdays). Also, these t-shirts or sweatshirts can be worn the next school year on Fridays.
  • Our system automatically gives up to 5 t-shirts per student for funds raised.  If you raise more than $250 and want more than 5 shirts, you will need to alert us
  • To best care for your t-shirt(s), wash in cold water with like colors and hang to dry.

T-Shirt Delivery & Donation Deadlines

Walk-a-Thon T-shirts are not delivered the same week as the donation is made.
Mondays at 4:30pm on May 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31 are the weekly deadlines for donation earning totals to “activate” a shirt for delivery the next week.

Below is a grid indicating when the t-shirt will be delivered based on the donation date.

  • Monday, 5/31 @ 4:30pm is the last day for earning totals to activate a t-shirt.
  • T-shirts are delivered to classrooms or to the main lobby for the Virtual Academy on Wednesdays.
  • Virtual Academy parents will be emailed when t-shirts are ready for pickup at the main lobby front desk.
  • All donations made to the Walk-a-Thon are tax-deductible and are made on behalf of the student.

 T-shirt Questions?
Contact Susan Custer, NCA Development Coordinator at 425-322-2370 or at scuster@nca.school.