Fine Arts





Drama & Musical


Foreign Language

At Northshore Christian Academy, Fine arts and foreign language instruction are paramount at NCA. Four foreign languages and six fine arts programs enrich our students along the way. Specialists teach technology, engineering, music, band, orchestra, fine arts, physical education, and foreign language classes.

Our Music Department teaches music theory and musical concepts, exposes students to styles of music and composers, and spends time practicing for music performances. NCA provides performance opportunities for every grade level.

Teachers are passionate about seeing students grow in confidence and artistic skill.  We encourage students to use their talents to honor and praise the Lord. 

  • Music:  4 bands, 3 orchestras, 5 choirs, and weekly K-5 music classes

  • Performances:  yearly concerts, plays, chapel presentations

  • Public Speaking training:  1st – 8th-grade speech meet preparation

  • Art education: K-8 study the great masters and practice their techniques

  • Drama training:  4 middle school electives and NSAE elementary classes

  • Foreign Languages:  Spanish, French, German