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Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade Overview

Seventh grade takes a leap into new opportunities for growth and development. Students build essential communication and collaboration, scientific inquiry, and analytical skills. They practice mathematical and analytical problem-solving and learn to take healthy risks in solving real-world engineering problems. Personal responsibility, study skills, and ethical behavior are also taught in seventh grade. 

The spiritual aspect of instruction is paramount in what we do. Students participate in weekly chapels and receive daily Bible instruction. Students develop their personal understanding of God, personal character, and explore their purpose in life. 

 School traditions are loved by students:  Fall retreat, social events, weekly chapel, and Spirit week are some of the endearing traditions. Students participate in exciting electives, musical clubs, engineering clubs, and sports. Seventh grade is a time of increasing expectations and independence as we prepare students for high school.



Seventh Grade Teachers

Our students are blessed with incredible educators who have the high distinction of many years of teaching in middle school along with advanced degrees. Our teachers feel called to be exemplary educators and come from diverse and prominent teaching backgrounds that equip them with the tools necessary to meet the needs of each of our students.

Our teachers focus not only on the exemplary academics and the spiritual development of each student but also on their social and emotional development. Our teachers diligently work to support each of our students in their scholarly and personal endeavors as it helps shape and mold them into thriving members of our community.

Through collaborative teamwork, teachers are able to create an environment of dynamically different teaching styles and strategically consistent curriculum. This allows our teachers to successfully impact our students by supporting all different learning styles. Preparing for high school academics and independence is a high priority for our teachers.


Bible class focuses on the deity of Christ by studying the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and the book of Proverbs. Many applications are made to other parts of Scripture, which help students develop skills for Bible reading and study. Knowing Christ is the most vital part of any Christian’s life, so an emphasis on knowing Him personally is at the core of this class. Second-semester students study the book of Proverbs which focuses on developing wisdom for daily living, values, and decision-making.

World Studies/Washington State History

Students will begin with a semester of Washington State History which meets Washington State graduation requirements for 7th – 12th grades. Students take an in-depth look into the founding of our state and significant historical events as well as current events. This is done through a biblical worldview as students study historical figures such as the Whitman missionaries.

The second semester is a brief review of history from Creation to the coming of Christ and progresses in a chronological journey around the world studying the ebb and flow of empires, cultures, Christianity, and world religions. It concludes with an examination of the trends of the emerging 21st century.

Language Arts

The middle school language arts program is designed to inspire life-long readers and for students to become confident communicators. Students work with a variety of written forms, developing their own voice and style. We endeavor to equip students with clear writing skills and the ability to express themselves in an articulate manner.


While students are learning mathematics, they will understand the concept of absolute truth, and their minds will be strengthened through thinking and reasoning skills. Students will learn to go from the concrete to the abstract, from the particular to the general, from content to the concept. They will also learn to process facts as part of the truth and order that God has built into reality. Each grade level builds upon previous learning in which mathematical concepts are distributed throughout the year for better retention and math mastery.

Elective Options

  • Art
  • PE
  • Drama
  • PLTW Design and Modeling
  • PLTW Medical Detectives
  • Yearbook and Journalism
  • Biblical Greek
  • Speech and Debate
  • Discipleship
  • Intro to Business/Personal Finance
  • Computer Coding
  • Worship Leadership Praise Team

Fine Art Options

  • Advanced Choir

  • Advanced Orchestra

  • Advanced Band

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“God is first in every aspect of school and values are very clear. The caring and loving teachers and administration. Problems are handled with grace and encouragement and understanding.”

-Middle School Parent

“The obvious joy in working with kids shown by the majority of the teachers and staff. The belief that critical thinking and foundational biblical truth are both fundamental to a mature faith.”

-Middle School Parent

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