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Staff Directory

Meet our Staff

Northshore Christian Academy and Early Learning Center partners with families to provide a superior Christian education focusing on the development of spiritual, academic, and personal excellence in a Christ-centered environment.

We endeavor to support not only our students, but also their families.

Our STAFF DIRECTORY below includes the following teams:
  • Leadership, Program Leads, Administrative
  • Early Learning Teachers
  • Lower & Upper Elementary Teachers
  • Middle School Teachers
  • Specialist Teachers
  • Nurses, Counselors, & Thrive Tutors

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To Email an employee at NCA:  Use first initial and last name of the person + @nca.school 
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Leadership Team

Lane Beasley 2-1

Lane Beasley

Head of School

Pam Jackson

Pam Jackson

PreK-2 Principal

Heather Shaw

Heather Shaw

3rd-5th Principal

Doug McCardle

Doug McCardle

Middle School Principal

Angela Leyba crop

Angela Leyba

Early Learning Principal

247436413_Leighow Sarah STF

Sarah Leighow

PreK-2nd Assistant Principal


Noelle Brown

3rd-5th Assistant Principal


Amanda Tormon

Middle School Assistant Principal


Carla Blake

Carla Blake

Human Resources Supervisor


Eliana Borowicz

ELC Program Coordinator


Ben Brandfas

Pastor of Media, Production, & Technology

Janet Christy

Janet Christy

Thrive Director


Kristin Christensen

Executive Assist. to Head of School, PTF Liaison, & Connection Coffee

Cynthia Curtis

Cynthia Curtis

NCA Care Program Coordinator

Ashlee Cutsinger

Ashlee Cutsinger

Admissions Manager

Trisha Decker

Trisha Decker

Registrar & Enrollment Manager

Sarah Doty

Sarah Doty

Lion's Club Enrichment & WatchDOGS Coordinator


Becky Dunn

NCA Office Administrative Assistant

Alexis Griffin

Alexis Griffin

Elementary Executive Assistant


Thomas Griffin

Campus Pastor

Erik Groves

Erik Groves

Media Director

Tanya Hansen

Tanya Hansen

Marketing & Communications Director

247458785_Jeyarajah Teryn ST

Teryn Jeyarajah

STEM Coordinator

Olga Kubay

Olga Kubay

ELC Administrative Assistant

Carrie Anne Main

Carrie Anne Main


Lina Maragliano

Lina Maragliano

Development Director

April Merisko

April Merisko

Academy Office & Purchasing Manager

Michaela Murphy

Michaela Murphy

Accounts Receivable (Tuition) & Payroll

Kris Peterson crop-1

Kris Peterson

Blackbaud & Data Support

Elyse Stephens

Elyse Stephens

Development Lead

Tuggle, Randi crop

Randi Tuggle

Athletic Director & Middle School Teacher

Corlyn Watson

Corlyn Watson

6th-8th Executive Assistant & Uniforms

Joy Webb

Joy Webb


Amy Worden

Amy Worden

Development Coordinator

ELC Lead Teachers

Toddler Teachers

  • Kendra Tharp
  • Roena Mach
  • Jess Gehlke

Preschool Teachers

  • Enmy Guerra
  • Shannon Tyree

PreK Teachers

  • Ashley Clausen
  • McKenna Gallahar
  • Asha Rollins
  • Tais Ugalde

ELC Specialists

  • Jess Gehlke, Music & STEM Teacher
  • Tammy York, PreK Music Teacher

Early Learning Center

ELC Team

  • Angela Leyba, Early Learning Principal
  • Eliana Borowicz, ELC Program Coordinator
  • Olga Kubay, ELC Administrative Assistant

PreK-2nd Teachers

PreK (AM) Teacher

  • Brittni Klein

Kindergarten Teachers

  • Elisabeth Bayard
  • Mackenzie Dahlberg
  • Melody Vaandering

First Grade Teachers

  • Taylor Ahlin
  • Karley Kincaid
  • Judy Lagerwey
  • Brienna Reinertsen
  • Becca Wellan

Second Grade Teachers

  • Shelaine Calles
  • Camille Dittemore
  • Ruth Haugo
  • Abby Nerud
  • Heather Sidenquist

PreK-2nd Specialists Teachers

  • Jeremy Atkins, PE
  • Abbie Broekhuis, PE
  • Kristi Conser, PE
  • Jacie Dewitt, Computers
  • Carrie Kroeker, Library
  • Brianna Mitchelson, Art (K-2nd)
  • Aubrey Mangle, Music (1st & 2nd)
  • Greeny Suh, Project Lead the Way
  • Tammy York, Music (PreK & K)

PreK-2nd Division

PreK(am)-2nd Team

  • Pam Jackson, PreK-2nd Principal
  • Sarah Leighow, PreK-2nd Assistant Principal
  • Alexis Griffin, Elementary Executive Assistant


3rd-5th Teachers

3rd Grade Teachers

  • Angie Bowers
  • Amy Franke
  • Mariah Joss
  • Lindsay Ott
  • Anastasiya Sagun

4th Grade Teachers

  • Amy Benton
  • Gayla Boast
  • Katelyn Day
  • Becky Fritz
  • Cindy Quigley

5th Grade Teachers

  • Samantha Archer
  • Alison Doney
  • Joshua Emanuelson
  • Blake Kroeze
  • Natalie Runyon

3rd-5th Specialists Teachers

  • Jeremy Atkins, Orchestra
  • Abbie Broekhuis, PE
  • Kristi Conser, PE
  • Jacie Dewitt, Computers
  • Josh Cummings, Music (4th) & Choir (5th)
  • Carrie Kroeker, Library
  • Aubrey Mangle, Music (3rd)
  • Greeny Suh, Project Lead the Way
  • Antje Scott, Library

3rd-5th Division

3rd-5th Team

  • Heather Shaw, 3rd-5th Principal
  • Noelle Brown, 3rd-5th Assistant Principal
  • Alexis Griffin, Elementary Executive Assistant


6th-8th Teachers

6th Grade Teachers

  • Mallory Ashby, Bible
  • Lindsay Carter, English
  • Annarose Nestor, History
  • Elysia Perez, Science

7th Grade Teachers

  • Denise Travanti, Bible
  • Christina Rogers, English & History
  • Randi Tuggle, Math (Geometry)
  • Jena Petrie, Science

8th Grade Teachers

  • Paul Gonzales, Bible
  • Amanda DeKoker, English
  • Clare Cosper, Math (Pre-Algebra & Algebra)
  • Julie Dirks, Science

6th-8th Specialists & Electives Teachers

  • Brianna Mitchelson, Art
  • Josh Cummings, Choir (6th-8th)
  • Sarah Doty, Drama
  • Jeremy Atkins, Orchestra (Advanced)
  • Abbie Broekhuis, PE
  • Kristi Conser, PE
  • Jacie Dewitt, Tech Skills

Middle School Division

Middle School Team

  • Doug McCardle, Middle School Principal
  • Amanda Tormon, Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Coryln Watson, Middle School Executive Assistant


Specialists Teachers


  • Brianna Mitchelson


  • Sarah Doty

Foreign Language

  • TBA


  • Carrie Kroeker
  • Antje Scott


  • Jeremy Atkins, Orchestra
  • Josh Cummings, Music & Choir
  • Jennifer Hanson, Band
  • Aubrey Mangle, Music

Physical Education

  • Jeremy Atkins
  • Abbie Broekhuis
  • Kristi Conser


  • Teryn Jeyarajah, STEM Coordinator
  • Greeny Suh, Project Lead The Way
  • Jacie Dewitt, Computer & Tech Skills





Health Room Staff

Amanda Derezes

Amanda Derezes, RN

Head Nurse




School Counselors

Gene Berge

Gene Berge

K-5th Grade Counselor

Kaylene Williams

Kaylene Williams

6th-8th Grade Counselor


Janet Christy

Janet Christy

Thrive Program Director & Tutor

Debbie Ellis

Debbie Ellis

Thrive Tutor

Janet Lines

Janet Lines

Thrive Tutor

Janet Scarth

Janet Scarth

Thrive Tutor

Chrissy Nicolici

Chrissy Nicolici

Speech Therapist

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