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Visitor Policy

NCA Visitor Policy


School Gate Guardian Check In

Your children’s safety and security is of utmost importance to us. We love your children! As a part of NCA’s campus safety and security program, we use School Gate Guardian, a web based security system, operating during our Academy school hours. Here are the facts about the system and process:

Who:  All Northshore visitors, parents, and adults are required to check in using this system. This includes anyone on campus who does not have a permanent badge.

When:  Monday-Friday during Academy hours as follows  – 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Where:  Front lobby computer kiosks by main receptionist desk.

How:  All you need is your current Drivers License (DL) or State Issued ID –

  • All parents and visitors will scan their DL or ID into the system.

  • This system will check our database and nationwide sexual predator background database. Once approved, a disposable badge is issued. It will have your picture, name, and date printed on the badge and must be worn in a visible location on your person while on campus.

  • Regular volunteers and visitors can purchase a ‘fob-security pass’ for quick access to bypass this system (available for $5 cash or check at main reception desk)

  • Scanning your driver’s license and the printing of your badge will take 10 to 20 seconds and is much quicker and easier than signing in and writing out your own badge! Your driver’s license number is completely secure in School Gate Guardian. If you do not have a driver’s license, you will need to check with the front desk receptionist.

What If?  What if a visitor is blocked by the system? A silent and confidential alert is sent to our Leadership Team and Campus Security personnel, and they are immediately dispatched to the front desk/lobby.

Why?  Our extensive research shows that this system is necessary for optimal school security. This is one of the phases of our long-term safety and security plan designed by our NCA Safety/Security Advisory Board and consultants. Research for the system has resulted in the best system for our campus. Our goal continues to be pro-active rather than reactive to current affairs.

  • Why only used during school hours?  Before and after school hours, students are with their parents or with their teachers for drop off, pick up, and after school care.

  • How does this impact school functions?

    • For any big events like tours, field trips, and parties – All volunteers and guest will be required to check in during Academy hours.

    • Chapel and concerts do not require check in since these events take place in the lobby and auditorium. However, if a parent desires to go to the classroom area during school hours, they will need to check in.

Our Everett Police Department Resource Officer serves several school districts and has stated that NCA is advanced in a number of safety systems compared to other area schools. He serves on the NCA Safety/Security Advisory Board, is NCA staff trainer, and occasionally joins our safety walk-through team.

Visitor Policy (Please Read Full Policy):

  1. All visitors to the school, including school parents, are required to—Stop at the front desk, Sign the visitor log, and Obtain a “Visitor/ Volunteer” Badge if they are going beyond the lobby area. ELC Visitors must show their class ‘color coded card’ for Drop Off/Pick Up when passing the front desk. Visitors must show their class ‘color coded card’ for Drop Off/Pick Up when passing the front desk.
  2. Early Pick-Up Policy (NCA Security Requirements)—To sign out a student early, please:
  • Tell the receptionist the Students Full Name

  • Show your ID for verification of authorization
    that you are on the students school record

  • Sign Out your Student on the Student Sign Out/In Log

  • Sign In yourself on the adult’s Visitor/Volunteer Sign-In/Out Log

  • Fill out a Visitor Badge and place it where easily seen on your person

  • When you leave, please Sign Yourself Out

  • If you bring your student back to school, Sign Your Student In

3. A written ‘Exit Permission Slip’ is needed by everyone who wants to take a student out early from school, parent or non-parent (request this from our lobby receptionist).

4. NCA does not allow visits by students not attending our school unless they have specifically been invited by a Faculty or Leadership team member. NCA reserves the right to refuse to allow anyone on Campus for whatever reason before, during and after school hours. NCA allows pre-approved visits by NCA alumni during lunchtime (Contact the middle school office for approval).


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