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Middle School Electives

Elective Options

Middle School offers several opportunities for students to grow and learn how to be leaders, think technically and strategically, develop real-world skills and feel confident with public speaking as well as how to research and gather information factually. We feel the following classes help to develop the whole child to gain confidence and poise for where God will lead them on their journey.

Computer Coding (Grades 7-8)

Our students are growing up in a world where computer literacy is as essential as reading, writing, and arithmetic. We will be exploring coding with various tools to help students learn the logic and problem-solving skills needed to code. Simple drag and drop coding will be used in the beginning to help students understand the logic. Later on, JavaScript will be the primary programming language we will use in development as we progress.

Speech and Debate (Grades 7-8)

Through various confidence-building strategies and activities, students hone their communication skills through speech and debate. In this course, students will work on debate skills, such as anticipating opposing points of view and presenting arguments in a mature fashion. They will also learn to write engaging speeches and perform in front of everyone who has been given special gifts from the Lord. Leadership is one of His gifts according to Romans 12:8. For those called to leadership, it is essential to have strong Biblical principles to facilitate leading others. Our leadership class is designed to build and equip student leaders who will make a difference in their generation. their classmates without fear. The class climate is safe and supportive, where students learn to encourage and respect one another.

Student Leadership Council (Grades 7-8)

Student Leadership Council is a yearlong elective class for 7th and 8th. Leadership is an important skill that is worthy of consideration and encouragement, even at a young age. This class focuses on practicing leadership in school activities such as chapel skits, fundraisers, and socials. It also challenges students to consider civic involvement as well as spiritual disciplines that will assist them in their faith. Service projects may be planned. Seventh and Eighth grade students are elected in the spring of the prior school year.

Yearbook Design and Photography (Grades 7-8)

Yearbook Design and Photography is a full year elective where students learn about creative yearbook design and the principles of photography by producing the school yearbook. They will discover techniques of page layout: such as use of white space, size of text, color schemes, taking pictures to tell a story, photoshop, and more.

In addition the information on this webpage, you may review the current school year offering of 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Course Descriptions under ‘Middle School Forms’ on our Forms & Documents webpage


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Performing Arts

In our performing arts programs students develop their artistic abilities through hands-on instruction. Teachers are passionate about seeing students grow in confidence and artistic skills. We encourage students to use their talents to honor and praise the Lord. Students learn to distinguish between times of worship and performance. In our programs, students also develop social skills and make lasting friendships as they work cooperatively with
one another. There is something for the beginner and the seasoned performer at NCA. Students are encouraged to use music as a form of communication in expressing their thoughts and feelings. They learn that music can be a powerful tool to communicate with God and about God. Students are encouraged to develop their skills in order to do that more effectively and to bring honor and glory to God by doing it to the best of their abilities.

Foreign Language

With an increasingly globalized society and a culturally diverse nation, knowing a foreign language is becoming essential. Our middle school foreign language program encourages students to see the larger world around them with Biblical worldview and a heart for missions. The Bible says, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19. In addition to this, students who study a foreign language in middle school will have a good foundation for future foreign language study in high school. All foreign language courses at Northshore are taught with a method called TPR
Storytelling uses four consecutive steps of language acquisition: hearing, speaking, reading, and writing. Students hear and respond to new vocabulary, participate in building stories with that vocabulary, and respond to questions with answers and discussion. Songs, games, and skits are all part of the system that has fluency as its aim.

Graphic Arts

Our graphic arts program inspires students to see and appreciate God’s design and beauty in all creation. Each class focuses on the elements and principles of design (color, line, pattern, shape, texture, and value). Different artists, styles, and techniques are introduced and discussed. Students create a variety of original works using multiple mediums.

Physical Education

Teamwork, good sportsmanship, effort, and athletic skills are emphasized in our middle school physical education courses. Students participate in a variety of athletic activities to facilitate the development of motor skills, coordination, and physical fitness. Character development is an integral part of our program as well. Students are encouraged to display Christ-like attitudes, fairness, honesty, respect, and kindness to others. While students have different athletic abilities, everyone is expected to do their personal best.

Each class emphasizes age-appropriate physical development and fitness, competence in useful physical skills, and enjoyment of recreation. A unique activity to middle school PE is Circuit Training which focuses on the strength and speed aspect of specific muscle groups and rotates each week. Some sports, such as soccer, flag football, basketball, pickleball, and volleyball are taught, making PE fun and challenging. Students also have the opportunity to learn some Tae-Kwon-Do and self-defense strategies. Students work on flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health.

Academic Support

We also offer Academic Advisory or Math Lab (Math Focused)

These classes are offered to supplement and support a student’s regular core course. Participants are encouraged to bring specific problems and concepts for which they need help and clarification. They are allowed to work on their assignments and correct work from cumulative tests. The teacher will consult with the core teachers, review concepts recently presented in the regular class and assist students in demonstrating those concepts. The instructor will also analyze basic skill weaknesses on the part of students and give them opportunities to strengthen deficiencies. This is not a study hall, but a supervised, directed course aimed at mastery of grade-level material and skill acquisition.

*Students may be recommended by teachers for this class for extra support

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