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The NCA string program is an intentional, stair-step program that gives our students the opportunity for growth in playing violin, viola, or cello, and in some cases, string bass. Students are introduced to the basics of violin playing in the third-grade general music class, and beginning and intermediate string classes are offered through our Lion’s Club Enrichment classes in a dynamic way.

  • Immediate Band, Orchestra, and Choir meet twice a week.
  • Advanced Band, Orchestra, and Choir meet four days a week.

In Orchestra students will learn to play a string instrument in a variety of musical styles while developing technical proficiency with their instruments.  5th-8th-grade students can participate in Beginning Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra, and Advanced Orchestra, and they may audition for Chamber Orchestra. 

In fifth grade, students may choose Beginning Orchestra for their music class. This group focuses on the basics of playing a string instrument in an ensemble setting. This class covers instrument care, posture, fingerings, plucking and bowing technique, music reading, and ear training.

Intermediate Orchestra is a Fine Arts option for sixth graders. In this class, the students continue to expand on the fundamentals introduced in Beginning Orchestra. More complicated rhythms, bowing techniques, better tone quality, phrasing, and playing as an ensemble with up to four parts are all emphasized in this class. Students perform in both the Fall and Spring Concerts and will have a small ensemble recital mid-year.

Seventh and eighth graders have the option to continue to play their string instrument in Advanced Orchestra. This class introduces concepts such as vibrato and shifting techniques. More advanced ear training and bowing technique are emphasized, and performance music is more complicated. This group typically performs at the Veterans Day Chapel, the Fall and Spring Concerts, and they also participate in a small ensemble mid-year recital.

Chamber Orchestra is an auditioned group of 6th – 8th grade students who are ready for more complicated and challenging music. This small ensemble meets before school and learns to perform without a conductor. The focus is on intonation, precision of ensemble playing, phrasing, and playing different styles of music. Chamber Orchestra performs in our Fall and Spring concerts as well as other events throughout the school year.

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