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Objectives and Goals

Welcome to Northshore Christian Academy’s Kindergarten program!

In Kindergarten our teachers begin cultivating the love of learning to read by teaching an appreciation for literature through written and oral experiences. Reading is key in the success of every other subject area, and Kindergartners have plenty of opportunities to learn new subjects including subjects such as, Art, Computers, Library, Music and PE. NCA also offers a Kindergarten English Language Learners (ELL) program!

They will learn about God’s perfect order and patterns through the study of mathematics. They solve problems through the use of math concepts of addition, subtraction, money values (base ten), clock times, measurement and simple graphing. Art is used to teach appreciation for God’s beauty and design. The “Meet the Master’s” art curriculum introduces students to famous artists and their techniques. Many other special projects, such as creating a Flat Stanley and sending him off on an adventure, making learning about other areas and cultures fun and interesting for Kindergartners. Community Helper week is a highlight, where children can meet Firefighters, Police Officers, Dentists, Construction Workers. 


Northshore Christian Academy filters all learning and curriculum through a Biblical world-view. We endeavor to train students spiritually, academically, and personally. Northshore integrates faith and learning as we equip the whole child to develop leadership qualities in the context of their God-given abilities and talents. The entire process of education is used to bring students into fellowship with God, develop a Christ-like mind, and to develop their God-given personal and vocational potential.


Students will be taught Biblical concepts, stories and memorize Bible verses that will teach them godly character qualities and Biblical facts. They will practice applying these qualities in their daily life including opportunities for serving others. This will allow students to develop their own relationship with the Lord through daily prayer and worship.


Students are active participants in chapel each week. They listen and learn more about God through guest speakers, puppet shows, object lessons, interactive question and answering, singing and prayer. Character Quality Awards are given out. We have special chapels for Veteran’s Day, Christmas and Easter. Parents are often welcome to attend.

Provide exceptional early learning experiences and age-appropriate teaching so that children develop a love of learning and are well prepared for a successful Kindergarten year


Self-contained & Traditional


Computer, Engineering (Project Lead The Way), Library, & Music


  • Full Day Program (no half-day program currently offered)
  • Two Recesses:  15 mins. each
  • Lunch:  25 mins.

Kindergarten Teachers

At Northshore Christian Academy in the Kindergarten Department, our students are blessed with incredible educators who have the high distinction of: decades of experience teaching, and are ACSI accredited and/or have Washington State Teaching Certificates.  Our teachers feel called to be exemplary educators and come from diverse and prominent teaching backgrounds that equip them with the tools necessary to meet the needs of each of our students.

As a Christian school, located in Everett, WA, we have the pleasure of partnering with families, local schools and businesses to give our students a well-rounded education.  Our program focuses not only on exemplary academics and their spiritual development of each student but also their social and emotional development.  Our program diligently works to support each of our students in their scholarly and personal endeavors as it helps shape and mold them into thriving members of our community.

Through collaborative teamwork, facilitated by our Learner-Centered Collaboration (LCC), our teachers are able to create an environment of dynamically different teaching styles and strategically consistent curriculum. This allows our teachers to successfully impact our students by supporting all different learning styles. Northshore’s teamwork approach in evaluating data, such as our standardized testing, helps our program continue to be at the forefront of producing students ready to lead the world.


Language Arts:

The program emphasizes explicit, systematic instruction in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and writing. Language and phonics are taught 90 minutes every day.

Writing/ Handwriting:

The writing is integrated throughout our language program. Students learn to form their letters correctly on lines and space at the same time as they learn the corresponding letter sounds. Students progress to building words and then sentences. They learn proper sentence conventions which include: beginning capital, ending punctuation, and proper spacing. Journal writing begins in second quarter. Kindergarteners use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose opinion pieces, informational texts and narrative texts.


Spelling test lists begin during 3rd quarter with word families. This facilitates Kindergartner students to be prepared for 1st grade.


The reading program focuses on the areas of phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Students increase comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and vocabulary through the use of specific strategies, by using CAFÉ and Daily 5, which include, read to self, work on writing, listening to reading, word work, and reading with someone. The curriculum exposes children to a wide variety of literature including narrative, poems, songs, fiction and non-fiction. Students are flexibly placed in small group reading rotations that allow for differentiated instruction.


We use a multisensory approach to math using the Math Expressions Curriculum. Math is taught 55 minutes a day utilizing mental math, story problems, games, manipulatives, and more. Students build a strong math foundation for future advanced math placement.

Social Studies:

Students explore United States history from a Biblical Worldview as it relates to the foundation of the traditions/ customs. Course content includes Christopher Columbus, Farms, Native Americans/Pilgrims, Our Community, Presidents Lincoln and Washington, and Martin Luther King Jr.


The students explore a variety of areas of science including life, physical, and earth sciences through the use of reading, research, discussion, participation in group and individual projects, and the utilization of science experimentation. Content includes Leaves/Trees, Apples, Pumpkins, Weather, Butterflies, Plants, Animal Families, Float/Sink, and oviparous.

Course Guides:

Bible: ACSI Bible

Reading/Language Arts: Abeka and Heggerty, Daily 5/CAFE

Handwriting/Writing: A reason for Handwriting – Daily 5/CAFE

Math: Math Expressions

Social Studies: Educator-developed materials, Scholastic Let’s Find Out

Science: Theme Directed, Scholastic Let’s Find Out



Students study a variety of famous artists. The students study artwork and techniques that have made the artist world renowned. Students learn art theory and techniques through hands on art projects that build art skills using various mediums.


Students continue to cover ABC order and begin study on authors and illustrators, how a book is laid out (title, title page, table of contents page, picture page), and the difference between fiction and non-fiction.


There is so much valuable learning in Kindergarten computers! We spend a majority of the time working in MobyMax: a fun program designed at finding the gaps in student learning. Student’s don’t stop there: we cover beginning coding, beginning typing, and how to use a mouse which includes clicking, double click, and drag and drop.


Kindergarten general music is a yearlong class meeting two times per week for 30 minutes where we explore all aspects of music through listening, singing, reading, movement, and playing a variety of instruments. Rhythm instruments are used to explore the elements of music. Through the year, students learn musical concepts, vocabulary, singing skills, and performance skills. Concert performances include a Christmas concert and graduation performance.


The students learn teamwork, sportsmanship and participate in a variety of athletic activities to facilitate the development of motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, and physical activity and exercise. In addition, students will identify the importance of cooperation and consideration for their fellow classmates while in physical education.

Engineering – Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is the leading provider of rigorous and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education curricular programs. The program is set up in modules that follow the design process. In Kindergarten, students discover the design process and how engineers influence their lives. In small groups, students design, build, and test a number of projects including Jack’s beanstalk, the 3 little pig’s houses, and a new and improved paintbrush. The four 10-hour modules the students complete throughout the year: (1) Structure and Function Exploring Design, (2) Pushes and Pulls, (3) Structure and Function: Human Body and (4) Animals and Algorithm.

Grade Activities

Field Trips

On average, there are two field trips per year, which vary from year to year. Field trips may be a play at the children’s theatre and Community Transit bus ride.of their abilities.


Christmas Concert, Kindergarten Graduation, Special Chapel Events, Walk-a-Thon, Missions Outreach.


Promethean Board, document camera, and teacher guided iPad, educational software and apps, classroom audio-systems, interactive learning subscriptions such as Brainpop and encyclopedias, and classroom iPads.


Children should be able to:

  • Print their first name
  • Recognize and name letters of the alphabet
  • Recognize 1-10 and name numbers 1 through 30
  • Self-sufficient in self-care (toilet training, tying shoes)
  • Independent in basic skills (self-regulation, follow two part directions, lunch independently, confident separation)

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