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Meet the Masters

Kindergarten through fifth grade uses Meet the Masters curriculum once a month to teach students about the Master Artists. Over 37 Master Artist are highlighted including: Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Winslow Homer, Pablo Picasso, Mary Cassatt, Piet Mondrian, M. C. Escher, Frederic Remington, Georgia O’Keeffe, Henri Matisse.

Step 1: “Introducing the Masters” Assemblies: The Meet the Masters experience begins with a multi-media assembly using Powerpoint slides, artist voices, and music where the children learn about the fascinating lives and famous works of the Master Artists. We have 35 artists units available in 5 tracks. Interactive questions and multi-media content will keep the students interest while walking through a virtual museum filled with interesting stories and facts. An art background is not necessary because all lesson plans are scripted, illustrated and timed. The art vocabulary, artist name cards, art elements, props and visuals are all included and organized – nothing to research or gather. This step can be done in an assembly combining classes or in an individual classroom. (Step 1 takes 20-45 minutes)

Step 2: “Learning from the Masters” Technique Packets: Now that the children have a true connection to the artist, it is time to introduce the techniques which made the art revolutionary. Back in the classroom, they will work on a mostly self-guided follow-up packet which will be the pencil-on-paper means for your student to learn from the Masters. The worksheets reinforce the material previously presented in Introducing the Masters, and further prepares them for success in the final step – the art project. (Step 2 takes 15-30 minutes)

Step 3: “Working with the Masters” Art Projects: After learning the inspiration and techniques of each Master the children are ready for the real fun. Your classroom will transform into an art studio as the well-equipped teacher leads the students on a step-by-step journey through the art project. Often in the same medium, style or subject matter as the Master, the students will discover their creativity while developing confidence in their own unique abilities. Training DVDs can assist the teacher with step by step detailed instructions. (Step 3 takes 50-60 minutes)


NCA uses the ‘Meet the Masters’ K-5th Art Curriculum Exploring 35 Master Artists.


“There are fun activities that you can do, and you can learn about different famous artists”


Middle School Graphics Arts

Middle School Art at Northshore is a safe place to relax, reflect, renew the mind, and explore basic art skills, styles, and mediums. Each day begins with a journal entry from the Bible, to feed the greatness and beauty inside of each artist. Each person learns to pay attention to the small things that make up a drawing: lines, circles, dots, curves, and angles by drawing upside-down. Students learn how to see edges, or contours, and to capture spatial relationships using perspective and proportion. Artists replicate lights and shadows in black and white, and also in color. They learn to add emotion and meaning to their artwork by using color and line in unique ways and by imitating master artists. Our focus covers art principles and techniques, and we emphasize self-evaluation and goal setting. Student input influences the projects selected for each year. Get ready to draw and paint, to be challenged, and to grow!

Our graphic arts program inspires students to see and appreciate God’s design and beauty in all creation. Each class focuses on the elements and principles of design.  Different artists, styles, and techniques are introduced and discussed. Students create a variety of original works using multiple mediums. 

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