March 16 - April 24th Academy Closed

There will be no classes on campus for the Academy starting March 16th through April 24th. Classes will be placed on remote learning.


Music Program

At Northshore Christian Academy, Music Education is a priority. Our Music Department teaches music theory and musical concepts, exposes students to styles of music and composers, and spends time practicing for music performances. NCA provides performance opportunities for every grade level.

“It is fun to learn new songs and to learn how to play the recorder.” Sam Hanson

"We came from the public school system -from the onset of our welcome leaders, teachers and students did everything to make us feel welcome"

Elementary students learn music through a hands-on approach.

K-2nd Grade:         Movement, rhythm instruments, singing games 

3rd Grade:              Violin unit, rhythm instruments, singing games

4th Grade:              Recorders, Seattle Symphony Partnership

5th Grade:              Students select from choir, band, or orchestra for the year 

During the Christmas season, we celebrate the birth of Christ with large grade-level or multi-grade-level performances. This is a wonderful time to share the gospel with family and friends. Students enjoy performing at these Christmas concerts which are webcast for the world to see. Band, orchestra and choir students, comprised of 5th-8th-grade students, have several performance opportunities as well. They participate in the Fall, Winter, and Spring Concerts in addition to performances at chapels and venues outside of NCA throughout the school year.


Musical Performances

Special grade-level performances showcase students with their peers and are a collaboration of music teachers and classroom teachers.

“I love music, especially in 5th grade because you can choose from Band, Orchestra, or Choir depending on what music you want to learn.” – Makayla Simmons

Many studies indicate that students who participate in music develop a greater language capacity and greater ability to learn a new language. Students also gain a wider perspective on cultural history as they are exposed to music from various cultures. Mathematical, linguistic and spatial intelligence, as well as interpersonal skills, are enhanced through participation in music programs.  Music education will always be a part of our commitment at NCA to provide a superior Christian education.

Kindergarten:       Kindergarten Graduation
1st Grade:              Patriotic Celebration
2nd Grade:             Parade of Presidents
3rd Grade:              Bible Play 
4th Grade:              Washington State Luncheon
5th Grade:              Christmas Chapel and Sail America Concert
5th-8th Grades:     Participate in Band, Orchestra and Choir concerts
6th-8th Grade:       Are eligible to try out for the spring Middle School Musical

7th-8th Grades:     Lead worship in Middle School chapels

7th-8th Grade:       Una Voce (girls) & Uno Mustacho (boys) – by audition

NCA's Non-Discrimination Statement

Northshore Christian Academy admits students of any color, race, national and ethnic origin. NCA does not discriminate based on color, race, national or ethnic origin.

Family Partnership

Northshore Christian Academy partners with families to provide a superior Christian education developing spiritual, academic and personal excellence in a Christ-centered environment.

Employment Opportunities

NCA is always accepting applications for Teachers, Substitutes, Educational Aids, Support Staff or Facilities Staff & Athletics Coaches! For a full list of available positions visit our Employment page.