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Lisa Walchenbach

Lisa Walchenbach

Director of Fine Arts & Specialist Program

 In Elementary school, students weeks are filled with additional learning through our specialist program.  These classes are integrated into their day and week.  A state of the art library with books for students to expand their knowledge.  Computer labs to receive hands-on training in technology.  Our amazing Music and foreign language program.  Plus a great Project Lead the Way class that innovative in learning and imagination. 

Middle School offers several opportunities for students to grow and learn how to be leaders.  Think technically and strategically, develop real-world skills and feel confident.  Our students can pick from several different electives to fill their school week.  From Career and Home to learning a new language.  there are no limits to what our students can do.



NCA has an amazing Specialists team. Each of these teachers are experts in their areas, with decades of experience between them! Here is a shortlist of these amazing teams: