We educate the whole child

Educating the mind. Inspiring the heart. Cultivating Faith and Character.  Preparing for a bright future.

We offer jaw-dropping Fine Arts and and STEM classes to all grades K-8!

  • Our STEM program focuses on Engineering classes for every grade, every week. Strong Math advancement opportunities, hands-on science classes, computer/technology training, and Robotics prepare your student for the future.
  • Our Fine Arts program offers three levels of Band, Orchestra, and Choir; Arts, Drama and Spanish Classes; and a high-level Middle School Musical performing for the public.
  • Middle School Athletics is the gateway to highschool sports through boys and girls Basketball, Cross-Country, Soccer, Track & Field, and girls Volleyball.
  • Christian character, community services, and leadership skills prepare our students for a bright future, desired by all high schools.

Students Test 1-2 years above grade level

The MAP test is one of several tools that NCA uses to evaluate student performance. We are careful not to measure students on the basis of one test alone. As part of a balanced assessment program, students take the MAP test to help us:

    • Find out where each student is performing in Reading, Language Usage, and Math
    • Identify a child’s academic strengths
    • Identify areas where a child may need to improve, and set goals
    • Keep track of student progress and growth in basic skills over the school year and are able to adjust teaching strategies to meet the student needs
    • Enhance our parent-teacher partnership in the education process

The MAP® Assessment

Every year, we test Kindergarten-8th grade students using the standardized, norm-referenced MAP® (Measure of Academic Progress) assessment tool.

Here is an example of NCA vs. WA State Public School System Scores for Spring 2021:

MAP comparison with Public Schools SBAC testing averages


  • Graduates attend top high schools and colleges
  • Graduates well prepared in academics, fine arts, math, science, technology, athletics, leadership
  • Graduates participate in varsity sports, music, robotics, drama, speech, student leadership
  • Graduates become student body president and officers at four private and public schools
  • Graduates are valedictorians in several high schools in multiple years
  • Graduates are awarded best prepared graduates from incoming private and public schools
  • Graduates excel in national colleges: medical, law, seminary, engineering, business, teaching and music


  • Character quality lessons and monthly recognition
  • Daily Bible class and weekly Chapel
  • Service projects: food drives, tutoring, safety patrol, outreach
  • Bully prevention and conflict resolution training
  • Leadership classes and clubs


  • Music: 4 bands, 3 orchestras, 5 choirs, and weekly K-4 music classes
  • Performances: yearly concerts, plays, chapel presentations
  • Public Speaking training: 1st-8th-grade speech meet preparation
  • Art education: K-8 study the great masters and practice their techniques
  • Drama training: middle school electives and Lions Club Enrichment classes for elementary ages
  • Foreign Languages: Spanish Elementary classes and Middle School Elective classes


  • Reading, writing and math – maximizing learning resulting in maximizing potential
  • Differentiation – learning acceleration along with learning support programs
  • Technology tools for learning in every classroom yet limiting technology distractions for optimum focus.


  • Strong math program with early advancement opportunities
  • Engineering classes for K-5th grades weekly
  • Hands-on science classes
  • Technology training: web-page design, coding, Google Suite, Microsoft office, 3-D printing & Virtual Reality
  • Classroom technology tools: interactive white boards, school-owned student devices


  • Homeland Security Certified School
  • Security cameras, doors, gates, sign in system-School Gate Guardian System
  • National background checks on all staff and volunteers
  • Safety and Security Advisory Board: School, police, fire and SWOT reps
  • WatchDOG Parent Volunteers walking the campus
  • Rapid Responder Emergency system with Police Department
  • Emergency supplies and equipment for 1,000 for 4 days
  • Disaster drills practiced monthly
  • Health services led by an RN
  • All staff certified in CPR, AED and first aid training
  • 33 acre secluded campus surrounded by greenbelts

School Uniforms

We work with great companies to bring you the best quality uniforms. Shop with vendors, read the handbook and learn more about school event dress days.

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