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3 Reasons to Choose Private Education During a Pandemic

Northshore Christian Academy (NCA)

COVID-19 has drastically changed the education landscape, and many schools are no longer able to offer the quality or type of education every child needs. A number of parents are looking to private schools for better learning options this year.

While not every private school offers the same advantages, many do provide greater flexibility for parents who cannot work from home or are disappointed by what local public schools are offering this year. Here are just a few reasons to consider sending your child to a private school during a pandemic:

More Flexibility

Private schools have more flexibility to change their curriculum, facilities, and workforce in response to the pandemic. While public schools may have limited resources and be required to follow strict district- or state-led rules, private schools may be able to adapt more easily to circumstances in their communities.

Private schools are more likely to have the ability to hire more staff, constantly sanitize classrooms, upgrade air filtration systems, revamp nurses’ offices, and secure COVID-19 testing. What’s more, schools that offer a full-time virtual education option may be able to toggle between in-person and remote classes more easily if circumstances change during the school year.

Safer In-Person Classes

Remote learning isn’t a great option for every child, especially if there are alternatives available. Many families have parents who cannot work from home and watch over their children easily during the school day. And between technology issues and the inability to see classmates and teachers in person, many students are struggling.

Some private schools are able to offer in-person classes at times when public schools cannot. Many private schools have facilities that are easier to adapt for COVID-19 safety measures, with smaller class sizes, better air filtration systems, or spaces that can be adapted for physical distancing more easily.

In an ideal world, all schools would be able to provide safe in-person learning at this time. Until that happens, private schools will be here to fill the gap for families who seek an alternative to the local public schools.

Robust Online Learning Options

Some private schools offer families unique learning choices that are not available at public schools, such as high-quality, year-long online learning. Families who prefer to have their children learn from home can enjoy a consistent, engaging curriculum while still remaining part of the virtual school community.

At Northshore Christian Academy, we give parents the choice between an adapted traditional classroom environment or 100% Virtual Academy. With NCA's Virtual Academy, teachers facilitate a highly engaging, flexible virtual learning program with support from parents. Our Virtual Academy was designed with assistance from a national consultant who specializes in Christian schools utilizing online learning.

We believe that each family should be able to make the best decision for their individual circumstances. If you are interested in learning more about traditional classroom learning or remote education at Northshore Christian Academy, you can find more details on our admissions page.

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