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Valuing Diversity at Northshore Christian Academy

At Northshore Christian Academy, we are always working to encourage respect and love for all God’s people. One of the things that make our school so different is our value of diversity.

NCA Diversity Statistics

God is our creator and he delights in the diversity of his creation, as seen in his people. Therefore, as a faith-based school, we believe diversity is an important part of our school community and integral to a quality education. Over 40% of our students are minorities or students of color.

Our students speak 15 different languages at home, including Amharic, Cantonese, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Malayalam, Mandarin, Nepali, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese. We are pleased to see so many cultures represented in our student body.

Our Commitment to Positive Change

Over the past 25 years, NCA has strived to reflect God's high value of his diverse peoples and cultures and to teach awareness and respect among our students. High ethnic diversity is relatively rare at private schools throughout Western Washington State. Combined with our stellar academics, our diversity and celebration of different cultures are what make NCA truly unique.

We also take care to ensure discrimination is not tolerated at our school. Any complaints are addressed by our principals and counseling staff. We offer regular Chapel speakers throughout the year who educate our students to be accepting and inclusive of others regardless of race or gender.


In addition to promoting diversity among our students, we work to eliminate bias and raise awareness of social issues among our staff. All of our educational staff members are required to take annual online training on cultural competence and racial bias, including unconscious bias. We strive to teach and treat every student with the same love and encouragement.

We celebrate people of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds, including those with different belief systems. Everyone is welcome at NCA!

Embracing Cultures From Around the World

NCA’s Parent-Teacher Foundation offers several Cultural Connection groups that meet regularly to connect as a culture and discuss how to share their culture with our school. Our Cultural Connection groups provide suggestions to our administration, support fellow families, supply a teacher/staff luncheon with a focus on their cultural foods, and have a voice in our academics and events.

Our Parent Teacher organization hosts six organized Cultural Connection groups: The Spanish Speaking Connection, The Korean Connection, The African and African American Connection, The Slavic Connection, The Chinese Connection and The Filipino “Bayanihan” Connection.

Our school also emphasizes foreign language education to prepare students for an increasingly interconnected world and encourage learning about other cultures. All students are taught Spanish in 1st-8th grades, and we offer additional courses in Spanish, German, French, and Mandarin in after school classes. Additionally, we celebrate the many other languages spoken at home by our student body.

Supporting Diverse Learning Needs

NCA’s THRIVE program gives students access to excellent counseling staff, a speech/language pathologist, and specialized tutors who can support students with unique learning challenges.

Specialized tutoring is available before, during, and after school to provide a higher level of support. Our tutors approach learning intentionally with multisensory techniques and additional instruction to fill gap areas and meet learning goals. We support individual-based accommodations for our students.

Diversity in a Christian Context

Our educational focus is teaching through the Bible, cultivating faith and character, and sharing God’s love for all people. We teach our students to love and respect all people and all ethnicities through the words of Jesus Christ.

NCA is proud of how the Lord has continued to increase our multicultural student body!

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