Cultural Connections

Multi-Cultural Connections Groups

NCA celebrates the wonderful diversity and languages spoken by our students and families. One of the ways we celebrate cultures is through several Cultural Connections groups which include:  African & African American Connection, Chinese-American Family Connection, Korean Connection, & Spanish-Speaking Families (as well as Filipino Connection & Slavic Connection in past years)

Interested in learning more or getting connected to one of these groups? Please contact our PTF Liaison, Corlyn Watson

African AND African American (AAA) Connection

Lead Parents:  Serkaddis Wegayehu & Ruth Waweru

African and African American (AAA) PTF connection was created in June of 2019, by a group of parents of NCA students of African descent to:

  • Create opportunities for our children to connect with each other, learn about each other’s culture and language, and build a support system.
  • Connect parents and serve as a support system for all families involved in student development partnering with NCA teachers and staff.
  • Facilitate more involvement and better communication with parents of NCA students of African descent and NCA.

Our hope and prayer for African and African American PTF connections are to be Christ-like and God-honoring in all we do and say by being a supportive, positive, and encouraging group.


All parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and guardians with African heritage are automatically members of AAA connection. No membership process and No dues. You are a member!


  • African and African American (AAA) connection has a volunteer board that manages all of the AAA programs throughout the school year.
  • Board positions include a Leader and three Co-Leaders.
  • Based on availability, one of the board members attend the monthly NCA PTF meeting.
  • AAA connection’s Board members work closely with NCA’s Superintendent, Principals, PTF President and other NCA PTF connection leaders.

Efforts and Events

  • Reached out to NCA and started the cultural show on international day 5/17/19
  • International day was celebrated across the school on 2/26/20
  • Met at Mill Creek Sports Arena with our family on 9/13/19​
  • Introduced each other, talked about the mission statement of this connection, what kinds of activities we want to do, …our kids played together in the arena
  • Met in the school’s prayer room on 11/22/19​
  • Gave a bouquet of flowers to our school in recognition of getting the National Blue-Ribbon Award
  • Reserved three tables at NCA’s auction and attended that played a part in raising $187,000 (before expenses) on 11/2/19​
  • Had lots of fun at bowling on 2/18/20​
  • Had lots of fun at Thomas’s Farm on 10/23/21

Chinese Connection Group

Lead Parents: Stacey Lee

We are a PTF group to support, engage, and serve families at NCA with a focus on Chinese American families.

Our objective is to assist every student to succeed in Christian education and to reach each student’s full potential at NCA through:

  • Promoting active family participation in the NCA community and school affairs;
  • Providing a channel for parents to share their Christian education experiences; and
  • Assist parents to communicate their needs to the school administration.

Efforts and Events

In the past, the PTF Chinese Connections team did a one-day Chinese New Year Food & Culture Class to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Students got a chance to celebrate the dynamic culture, see beautiful costumes and a lion dance set. Also, taste some traditional Chinese cuisine and watch how the pros make won tons! Please join us in the front lobby on one of meetings date.

Meeting dates for 2022-2023 school year @ 8:30 AM:

  • 10/21/22, 11/18/22, & 12/16/22
  • 1/20/23, 2/10/23, 3/17/23, 4/21/23, 5/19/23, & 6/9/23

Korean Connection

Lead Parent:  Eileen DaPra

NCA’s Korean Connection Group is a collective of parents who are Korean and have students at NCA. Monthly meetings are conducted during the school year to discuss academics, programs, events and more!

Efforts and Events

Our recent events include:

  • Helping to procure donations for the 2020, 2021, and 2022 online auctions.
  • Sponsoring a special luncheon for NCA Teachers and Staff during Staff Appreciation Days in April. At the Luncheon for NCA Teachers & Staff, we went above and beyond by adding traditional Korean décor as well as providing a traditional Korean gift for each person who attended. 
  • Hosting the popsicle pit stop for the 2022 Walk-a-Thon. For the Walk-a-Thon we help to provide over 900 popsicles for students.

Spanish Speaking Connection

Lead Parent:  Maria Gomez

We invite all NCA Spanish Speaking Families to join us in celebrating our heritage and representing it to the NCA community!

Efforts and Events

Some of our past events included a Christmas Manager display. As a group we built a traditional Christmas Manger (Pesebre) outside of the Academy Office. In many Latin-American countries, the nativity is built to include different elements of the countryside, animals, and it is a space where kids can be creative and celebrate that Jesus is born. In the traditional nativity the baby Jesus is not display until a day close to Christmas day.

Please join us in the front lobby on one of meetings date. Meeting dates for 2022-2023 school year @ 8:30-10:30 AM:

  • Friday Oct 28, 2022
  • Friday Nov 18, 2022
  • Friday Dec 16, 2022