Cultural Connection

The Spanish Speaking Connection

We invite all NCA Spanish Speaking Families to join us in celebrating our heritage and representing it to the NCA community!

Please contact me at or contact Becky Richards, PTF Liaison at or call: 425-322-2396 for more information.

The Spanish Speaking Connection Invites all Spanish Speaking Connection News: 
Our group enjoyed a potluck meeting and Christmas celebration hosted by one of our NCA Spanish Speaking Connection.

This amazing gathering was our best meeting so far! We had a special time for our families, not only moms, to gather, get to know each other better, enjoy a delicious meal and provide a time for our children to play, sing Spanish carols, read the story of Jesus from the Bible and discuss the real meaning of Christmas. We were blessed by Dads connecting with each other and having great conversations. Of course, moms enjoyed catching up with each other and our children had so much fun, they did not want the evening to end. I would like to invite all Spanish speaking families to become part of our Spanish Speaking Connection group.

The Korean Connection

NCA’s Korean Connection Group is a collective of parents who are Korean and have students at NCA. Monthly meetings are conducted during the school year to discuss academics, programs, events and more!

Want more information?

Please contact the group through email at

or Assistant to Superintendent & Communications Coordinator

Direct: (425) 322.2396

Efforts and Events

Recently these parents put together a special Luncheon for NCA Teachers & Staff. They went above and beyond by adding traditional Korean décor as well as providing a traditional Korean gift for each person who attended.

NCA's Non-Discrimination Statement

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Family Partnership

Northshore Christian Academy partners with families to provide a superior Christian education developing spiritual, academic and personal excellence in a Christ-centered environment.

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