Staff Appreciation Luncheons

PTF Staff Appreciation Luncheons

Kim Forbes
PTF Teacher Appreciation Lunch Coordinator


October – 3rd & 6th
November – ELC & 5th
January – 1st & 7th
February – 4th & 8th
March – Pre-K & K
April – PTF
May – 2nd & PTF

Here at NCA we have a tradition of hosting monthly Teacher and Staff Appreciation Luncheons!

The luncheons are organized by the PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship). These parent sponsored luncheons are such a blessing to our staff! It is one of their favorite times of the month!


Each month there are two grade levels chosen and asked to contribute, as we rotate through the ELC and Academy (see this year’s schedule on this webpage).

Currently the PTF offers two options:

  1. Parents may choose to collectively contribute ‘themed dishes’ so our PTF luncheon volunteers can host a fun potluck-style lunch for all NCA staff (Themed examples:  Mexican, Thai, Korean, BBQ, Picnic, etc.)
  2. Parents may choose to make a small financial donation for their month (in lieu of donating a dish) so our PTF can purchase lunches to bless our staff. These tax-deductible donations are then used to purchase ingredients needed to prepare the main entrees. The average price for each entrée is $10, so anything you are able to give is appreciated!

    Your generosity helps to provide enough lunches for our teachers and staff – one day a month. Thank you for teaming with the PTF to bless the NCA teachers and staff – They work so hard and love your children!

    Questions? Contact Teacher Luncheon Coordinator, Kim Forbes, at or PTF Liaison, Corlyn Watson, at