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”My children are at NCA for a Christian education and I am pleased with this. I do believe NCA does live their mission out and partners with parents to provide a well-rounded Christian education. Leadership is approachable and caring. We have had some very caring and nurturing teachers.”

“I love how God is in everything you do at NCA. I love that my kids are being loved on by teachers that love Jesus and they are being prayed for at school.  So much of their time is spent at school, so it is nice to know that what we teach them at home is being reinforced and taught to them at school too.”

“God is first in every aspect of school and values are very clear. The caring and loving teachers and administration. Problems are handled with grace and encouragement and understanding.”

School Accreditation

NCA has been approved by the Washington State Board of Education since 1995.  NCA is fully accredited by the ACSI and Cognia/NWAC and fulfills rigorous accreditation standards through required regular reporting, reviews and inspections since 2004. Learn more about our Accreditations here>.

SChool Campus

Our modern campus consists of four buildings, providing 162,000 square feet of learning space with 33 acres surrounded by fields and forests, overlooking the mountains and Puget Sound! Students enjoy six outdoor play areas including a 5,000 square foot outdoor covered state-of-the art playground, gymnasium, auditorium, performing arts center, lunchrooms including outdoor seating. Separate computer lab, Project Lead The Way/STEM classroom, high-school level science lab, and robotics room enhance our advanced STEM program. A designated drama room, Spanish room, three music rooms, and large library promote learning. Classrooms employ state-of-the-art technology equipment that ignite student learning including: interactive whiteboards, audio systems, mobile laptop labs, virtual reality/eSports and more.  Take a look at our virtual tour here


Faculty are exceptional, highly qualified educators who are committed to the school’s mission of creating a challenging and nurturing environment that partners with parents to empower students in exceeding their potential. In addition to our excellent core subject instructors, our certified specialists teach Spanish, music, physical education, computers, library and Project Lead The Way engineering.

Christian educational philosophy

The development of faith, character, and academic agility is paramount in our program. Our spiritual programs emphasize faith, character, service and leadership training. Students participate in a yearly service project, weekly chapel, and daily bible classes.


Academics at Northshore are challenging and comprehensive. We ignite learning through developmental lessons, hands-on units with many opportunities for practical application. Students in Kindergarten-5th grades are challenged to master fundamental skills that provide building blocks for later learning. Students in 6th-8th grades are challenged to be creative and use critical thinking skills. For 20 years, NCA national test scores show each grade level averaging 1-2 grade levels above standard. Consequently, 8th grade average scores are at the 12th grade level equivalent in reading, writing and math. More details in K-5th Curriculum Guides and Middle School Course Catalog.

Academic Disciplines


Literacy is a high priority of instruction at NCA with 90 minutes devoted to literacy each day. Literacy includes reading, writing, grammar, spelling, handwriting and communication skills. Reading instruction takes a balanced approach using strong phonics, word attack skills, comprehension strategies, differentiated learning and small group instruction. Beginning in Kindergarten, reading comprehension, cursive, computer keyboarding and writing skills are accelerated in 3rd grade. Comprehending complex texts, concepts and reading documents are mastered by 8th grade. With the strong reading and writing skills, our graduates successfully tackle advanced high school classes.


Starting in 2nd grade, our students have an opportunity to advance in math beyond their grade level. Middle School students have an opportunity to complete high school level courses in Algebra and Geometry. Many graduates qualify for advanced math classes in high school.

Engineering, technology and science

We place an emphasis on the STEM disciplines with classes at every grade level. Our students benefit from a designated K-5 engineering lab, two computer labs, a robotics classroom, classroom Chromebook carts and a 6-8 science lab. 5th – 8th graders have 1:1 Chromebooks available in the classrooms. We introduce basic computer use, Microsoft suite skills, keyboarding, programming, web page design, and video production. We aspire to develop our students to be digital discerners who will innovate and design technology rather than merely consume technology. Our award-winning Middle School Robotics Teams compete in state and national competitions with high awards. The program has expanded to include elementary Junior Robotics teams. Kindergarten-5th Grade students have 40 minutes of engineering class in our dedicated Engineering PLTW classroom.

Fine Arts and Performing Arts Program

Our music program teaches music theory and musical concepts, exposes students to styles of music and composers, and spends time practicing for music performances. Students have performances at every grade level with four specialized teachers which includes 11 orchestra, band and choirs. Students also gain a wider perspective on cultural history as they are exposed to music from various cultures. Drama program includes public speaking instruction and dedicated drama class offerings. Our Art program and curriculum cultivates creative thinking skills. Students study famous artists and recreate art in the artists’ style at their grate level.

foreign language instruction

Foreign languages are a vital part of a quality education. Spanish is required for all 2nd-5th grade students twice a week and is a Middle School elective class. Mandarin and German are also offered as an elective class. Afterschool class offerings include French, Spanish, and Mandarin.

northshore school of arts and enrichment

A wide variety of enrichment classes are offered after school. These include music lessons and specialized classes. Classes include cooking, art, science, writing, math, music, chess and sports. Afterschool care and summer program offer many opportunities for our children.