NCA Spring Walk-a-Thon

The NCA Walk -a-Thon is a long-standing NCA spring fundraising tradition. This is one of our two major fund-raisers every year; this tradition encompasses so much more than the actual walking.

The 5 week program begins in late April and culminates in June with our exciting  school-wide Walk-a-Thon Celebration Event Day – a celebration of the year for all to attend! What happens leading up to the event, however, is what sets it apart! Each year’s theme shares a message of something foundational NCA message and points to our commitment to a Christ-centered education.  

As a result, our school community has benefitted tremendously from donor-funded projects such as the  new sports court, our huge playground structures, classroom Promethean boards, STEM, safety & security upgrades and so much moreCareful and intentional stewardship of donated funds has contributed to an educational experience like none other.

2023 Walk-a-Thon Funding Focus – Click on Video Above For Details

Donations from the 2023 Walk-a-Thon will be directed to two specific programs.

    1. Phase 2 of our School Campus Security Plan: Plan outlined in previous school newsletters.
      The first $50,000 raised will be dedicated to furthering this project.
    2. The NCA Educator Excellence Award Program Launch Donations beyond the first $50,000 will be invested in an earmarked investment account where the principal value will generate earnings to perpetually fund the award distribution on an annual basis. Our 5-year goal: Raise $500,000 to generate $20,000 in annual awards.

Why are donations necessary?

  • We need to make certain we are doing as much as we can to responsibly take care of our 1050 students and over 250 staff. We have accelerated our schedule to complete the plan as soon as possible. Your donations go directly to make this happen.
  • Do you love your NCA teacher?  Have NCA teachers made an impact on your student?  This new NCA Educator Excellence Program is focused on retaining, awarding, and growing excellent Christian teachers.  Your donation today will work towards awarding our teacher perpetually on an annual basis!  Program details are available upon request.

Walk-a-Thon Goal:  $150,000

Key Dates

  • Middle School Launch:  Friday, April 28
  • Elementary & ELC Launch: Wednesday, May 3
  • Celebration Walk-a-Thon Event Day: (Families Invited) – Friday, June 9
    Come walk with your students, tailgate in the parking lot, and attend our celebration assembly!
  • NCA 2022-2023 Parent /Grandparent Volunteer Breakfast:  Friday, June 9 @ 8:30 am  Have you volunteered this year? This is for you!

2021- 22 School Year  Walk-a-Thon Results

NCA Students, Staff, Families, Friends, Grandparents, Sponsors & T-shirt Advertisers! We did it! All towards a Student Engineering & Technology Tools- Thank you!



NCA Walk-a-Thon Questions? 

We are here to help! Email Lina Maragliano, NCA Development Director at lmaragliano@nca.school.