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Objectives and Goals

Welcome to Northshore Christian Academy’s Early Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten full-day program!

In Pre-Kindergarten, our children are provided integrated learning opportunities through imaginative and cooperative play.  They are introduced to new concepts, and skills using relevant big idea themes throughout the year.  They continue to stretch and improve their fine and gross motor skills through their intentional activities. They emphasize reading through letter recognition/sounds, sharing of literature, and beginning reading.  In Pre-K our children expand their mathematical understanding of numbers, learning to count to 100.  Art and hands-on activities are used in all subjects to emphasize kinesthetic aspects.  Social-emotional skills are interwoven into every activity.  Most of all, our children are taught the love of Jesus and the Bible in everything that they do throughout the day


Northshore Christian Academy filters all learning and curriculum through a Biblical worldview. We endeavor to train children spiritually, academically, and personally. Northshore integrates faith and learning as we equip the whole child to develop leadership qualities in the context of their God-given abilities and talents. The entire process of education is used to bring children into fellowship with God, develop a Christ-like mind, and develop their God-given personal and vocational potential.

Bible: Pre-K classes use the Purposeful Design Bible curriculum, which focuses on the foundational teachings from the Bible about the nature and character of God, the qualities of His people, and His church. In addition, children are taught weekly Bible verses to correspond with each week’s lesson.

Chapel: Students are active participants in chapel each week, singing and praising God. They also enjoy learning more about Him and His Word from ELC staff or guest speakers. A different character quality (Patience, Kindness, Honesty, etc.) is taught monthly. Parents are always welcome to attend.





18:2 One Teacher and one Classroom Aide. 

Entrance Requirement:

Must be 4 years prior to August 31st and potty trained.


  • ELC Full Day Pre-K Classes
  • Choose 4 day or 5 day Program
    (4 day Program is Mon-Thurs.)
  • Center open 7:00 AM-6: 00 PM
    (children may attend up to 10 hours)
  • Instructional time 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Morning and Afternoon Recess

Academy Pre-K (AM)

For half-day Pre-K (AM or PM), please visit our Academy Pre-K webpage.



Emphasis is on learning the letters of the alphabet and their sounds using many strategies.


Using age-appropriate, tactile, and kinesthetic methods, students are introduced to the mechanics of writing, and proper uppercase letter and number formation.

Language Arts:

Emphasis is on providing rich literary experiences for the children in the form of Bible stories, poetry, age-appropriate non-fiction, and children’s fiction to expand the student’s vocabulary and support early reading skills.


Every day in Pre-K Math, the teachers build upon the concepts taught in the Math Their Way program started in Preschool. These are highly effective programs that teach sorting, classification, pattern extension, prediction, measurement, and more!

Social Studies:

Our themes help children explore the world around them, creating rich experiences and introductions to the world beyond their own front door.


Emphasis is on experiencing science in an exciting hands-on format. Students participate in planting and harvesting, discover their five senses, notice seasonal changes and observe the life cycles of frogs and butterflies.


Art experiences and age-appropriate crafts are incorporated into every subject. Emphasis is on the “process” rather than the outcome, creating an environment where exploratory learning is key.

Foreign Language:

Basic Spanish is taught at Circle Time.


Classes visit the NCA library once a month and learn how to care for books. They can check out books for use in the classroom.



Community Helpers Week, Christmas Concert, Pre-Kindergarten Graduation, ELC Mission Project, Moments with Mom, Walk-a-Thon/ Dad & Kids as well as several class Parties throughout the year.

Field Trips

Pumpkin Patch in the fall.  In-house field trips in the Summer.

Course Guides:

Bible: Jesus Storybook Bible

Reading/Language Arts: Moncure letter books/Alpha Tales

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears

Math: Math Their Way/ Everyday Math

Social Studies: Educator-developed materials, Scholastic News

Science: Theme Directed

Pre-kindergarten readiness

Children should be able to:

  • Separate easily from parents
  • Listen to and follow at least two simple directions at one time
  • Speak clearly enough to be understood by the teacher
  • Notice and talk about changes in his/her environment
  • Enjoy listening quietly to stories and can comprehend age-appropriate materials
  • Use the toilet independently and fasten articles of clothing with minimal assistance
  • Have a cooperative attitude
  • Be engaged in a single activity for at least 5 minutes at a time
  • Obey clearly defined rules and respond well to re-direction and/or positive discipline when necessary
  • Use words or ask for help to resolve conflict with peers
  • Be interested in and excited about starting school

Developmental milestones 4 to 5 years*


  • Controls body movement easily: starts, stops, turns
  • Throws and bounce a ball
  • Jumps over objects and climbs playground equipment
  • Pedals and steers bicycle or tricycle

Hand and finger skills

  • Uses scissors purposefully
  • Draws or copies basic shapes
  • Build a tower of at least 10 blocks
  • Pinch and shape clay/play-dough into recognizable objects
  • String beads
  • Write basic letter shapes

Language milestones

  • Follows simpler, unrelated directions: “go find your shoes and pick up that toy”
  • Changes speech patterns depending on the audience
  • Pronounce most sounds correctly
  • Asks for definitions of new words
  • Tells more complex stories and articulates thoughts
  • Argue, though the argument may not be logical

Cognitive milestones

  • Understands the difference between real and make-believe
  • Understand the concept of counting – counts up to 20
  • Follows multiple-step directions
  • Recognizes pictures and symbols for real things
  • Understands  abstract ideas like bigger, less, later, ago
  • Engages in fantasy play

Social milestones

  • Share, cooperate, and take turns with other children
  • Begins to try and “take charge” – bossy and tattling
  • Begin to tell simple lies to get out of trouble
  • Developing a sense of humor – telling jokes and making others laugh
  • Saying/asking things to gain a reaction

Emotional milestones

  • Separates from parents and engages with new adults and children
  • Accepts redirection from adults
  • Questions “why” they need to do things


  • Uses a spoon and fork independently
  • Can chew with lips closed
  • Dresses and undressed independently with limited/no assistants
  • Uses bathroom independently with reminders

See Complete list

See Complete list

*Please note that this is not a complete list. For a more complete list, please see the CDC list.

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