Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 04:54 pm

On the heels of the major snowstorm, our families and staff are happy to be back in school!  At the beginning of the snowy week, the students were challenged to build a snowman and send in a picture of their creations. Pictures have flooded in!  We love all the creativity and ingenuity. The Principals and staff built their own snow creations too.  Thank you to everyone for sharing your snowman and snow creations.  You all did a fantastic job!

Have you watched the video of our wonderful Superintendent and Principals singing about building a snowman?  It was such a wonderful way to announce our no school snow day on Monday.  Thank you to all our NCA families and friends for liking, commenting and sharing the video.  You filled our hearts with your love.


NCA Principals singing do you want to build a snowman!

Students, Staff, and Families Snowmen & snow Creations!