Middle School

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

Middle School Team

Middle School Principal – Julie Deppa

Middle School Student Life & Office Manager – Rachel Diede

Middle School Teachers

  • 6th Grade Teachers – Lindsay Carter, Annarose Nestor, Jena Petrie, & Amanda Torman
  • 7th Grade Teachers – Julie Dirks, Ryan Morey, Thomas Murray, & Christina Rogers
  • 8th Grade Teachers – Clare Cosper, Mary DeCracker, Sonja Meier, & Kaylene Williams

Middle School Support Team

  • Admin. Assisant – Corlyn Watson
  • Middle School Counselor – Kaylene Williams
  • Athletic Director – Jonathon Stein

electives and more

We love our Middle School Students!  They are inquisitive, capable, enthusiastic, social, and have a great sense of humor.  We passionately prepare them for a very bright future. Our Middle School Course Catalog and Electives Forms can be found on our Forms & Documents webpage.

Technology and Engineering

Our students are growing up in a world where computer literacy is as essential as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

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When you are on campus, chances are you will see or hear students demonstrate servant leadership and public speaking skills.  The poise and power of our student’s service work and confident presentations are a hallmark at NCA. Students develop skills to articulate their thoughts passionately and eloquently.  They put their words into action resulting in acts of servant leadership on campus, in the community, and around the world. 

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Performing Arts

In our performing arts programs students develop their artistic abilities through hands-on instruction.  Teachers are passionate about seeing students grown in confidence and artistic skills.

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Physical Education

Teamwork, good sportsmanship, effort, and athletic skills are emphasized in our middle school physical education courses.  Students participate in a variety of athletic activities to facilitate the development of motor skills, coordination, and physical fitness.

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Foreign Language

With an increasingly globalized society and a culturally diverse nation, knowing a foreign language is becoming essential. Our middle school foreign language program encourages students to see the larger world around them with a Biblical worldview and a heart for missions.

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Fine Arts

Teachers are passionate about seeing students grown in confidence and artistic skills.  We encourage students to use their talents to honor and praise the Lord.

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In our Musical Programs, students develop social skills and make lasting friendships as they work cooperatively with one another. Students are encouraged to use music as a form of communication in expressing their thoughts and feelings. 

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Career & Home

We introduce children to the amazing world that our God created through stories, art, and hands-on activities.

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DC/NY Trip

Every other year our middle school students have the opportunity to go to Washington DC and New York! In the spring, we take a week-long tour of our nation’s capital, learning all about the rich Christian heritage on which our country is founded.

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Each fall and spring, our middle school classes conduct special all-day retreats.  This time away provides a unique opportunity for our students to build friendships, make new ones, and to know their teachers outside of the classroom setting

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The NCA Difference

  • We discover and nurture the multitude of hidden talents.
  • We provide abundant opportunities to explore, dig deep, build skills and conquer challenges.
  • We empower students toward discovering their unique strengths and purpose in life.
  • We believe they are created by God for significance, purpose and relationship with their Creator.

Northshore Students

  • With our support, they discover their strengths
  • With our trust, they step up to the many opportunities
  • With our love, they leap with drive, vision, and purpose
  • With our wisdom, they build a firm foundation to tackle advanced opportunities in high school

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does NCA only go through 8th grade?

A number of research reports point to the value of a continuous K-8 school model. We believe the Kindergarten – 8th Grade school model is the best for students allowing maximum academic, social, emotional and spiritual development that prepares them for advanced learning in high school and college. K-8 school model allows children to develop in a supportive environment. Research shows when students are well-known by teachers, principals, and students they reach higher achievement levels in all areas.

Research reports greater student achievement when students make only one transition during their academic career, and suggests the most appropriate time for this transition is after 8th grade.

What are the hours of Middle School?

The Middle School Hours are 8:30-3:25, Monday through Friday

What is the dress code for Middle School?
You can find all the information about our dress code and uniforms by clicking HERE
How are 6-8th grades organized and how will it prepare my child for high school?

As a small and close-knit learning environment, NCA is a place where each teacher and administrator knows every student well. Through creative and skilled teaching activities, the faculty provides our students with a rich education, capturing their attention and fully engaging them in the learning process. Our program builds independent study skills within a growth mindset, strong Christian character, and solid confidence in knowing they are loved and created by God for significance. Many opportunities throughout middle school afford students to taste a variety of creative outlets in sports, music, drama, leadership, engineering, and art.

What sports are offered?

Check out our full Athletics program here

Will my child miss out on making friends at their high school if they stay at NCA through 8th Grade?

All 9th graders are new to high school. All high schools have many middle schools that feed into 9th grade. All ninth graders are new. It is reported that NCA kids rise to leadership levels in surrounding high schools when they finish our program. They have an academic, organizational strength and personal confidence that is recognized by local high school leaders.  Most high schools enroll a number of NCA grads therefore our students enter school with a group of friends.

8th graders are guided and prepared all year towards success in high school. They map out their high school course trajectory before leaving NCA with their eye on college and career. Alumni and high school principals visit the NCA campus to mentor and inspire 8th graders toward high school preparation.

Once in high school, students are advised to join activity groups instantly create a friend group with like-minded interests. Our alumni report that they make quick friends as they dive into activity groups when entering high school:  sports teams, robotics, DECA, music groups, student leadership, and drama activities.

Over the years NCA Parents have been very involved in the local high schools. They have been key leaders in high school PTF parent advisory groups at Glacier Peak, Cascade, Everett, Kamiak, Kings, and Archbishop Murphy.

Archbishop Murphy High School recognized NCA has had the best-prepared freshman to their school over the span of six years. They maintain the highest GPA as a whole and serve in numerous activities throughout campus.

High School Placement - How do i make a high school decision?

Graduates from NCA have many choices for high school, including private schools and public schools. Our high school placement process is designed to help students and their families make thoughtful and deliberate choices to find the right fit for their next school experience. Our high school placement team meets with parents and students throughout the process to prepare for the transition. The process is highly intentional and individualized. It includes:

  • High School Visitation and Informational Meetings: NCA hosts a high school fair to which representatives from many schools come to meet our eighth-grade students and families to present their schools for consideration.
  • Parent Meetings: We meet individually with each family to discuss their student with regards to academic, extracurricular and social preferences and expectations.
  • Leadership Class: Eighth-grade students learn valuable skills from the Principal in Bible class to prepare them for the admissions process as well as what to expect once they get to high school.
  • Advocacy: School administrators present and discuss each student’s application to receiving schools as well as provide guidance for families throughout the process.
  • Final Transition: Our high school placement team works with schools and families to facilitate a smooth transition to the students’ next school home.

Head of the Team

MRs. Julie Deppa

MRs. Julie Deppa

Middle School Principal

Ms. Rachel Diede

Ms. Rachel Diede

Middle School Student Life & Office Manager

The Secret Ingredient in Successful K-12 Education That No One Talks About

The Secret Ingredient in Successful K-12 Education That No One Talks About

A foundational part of a Christian education is building students’ character as well as their academic skills. At Northshore Christian Academy, we teach Christian values and spiritual life through daily Bible study, weekly chapel, service experiences, and more. But we don’t stop there: we also help students develop the traits and attitudes that will help them serve well throughout their lives.

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Christmas concert performances teach many life-long skills

Christmas concert performances teach many life-long skills

In December, five Christmas concert and chapel performances provide opportunities for our students to practice numerous skills that sink deep into the fabric of their lives and embed tools for life. Also, the December-January Speech Meet program has rave reviews from...

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