Northshore Christian Academy

A 2019 national blue ribbon school 

One of the top 50 private schools in U.S. For Academic Excellence

On September 26th, 2019, the U.S. Department of Education announced that Northshore Christian Academy is named as an Exemplary High Performing National Blue Ribbon School. NCA is one of only 50 non-public schools across the country to receive this 2019 award and the only private school recipient on the West Coast.

Why nca was selected

National Blue Ribbon School applicants for Exemplary High Performing must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    1. That the achievement of the school’s students in the most recent year tested places the school in the top 15 percent in the nation in English language arts and mathematics as measured by a nationally normed test or in the top 15 percent of its state as measured by a state test. If a non-public school administers both state tests and nationally normed tests, the school must be in the top 15 percent in both.
    2. Disaggregated results for student groups, including students from disadvantaged backgrounds, must be similar to the results for all students tested.
    3. The graduation rate for non-public high schools must be 95% or higher in the most recent year.
We are thrilled with this national award! The faculty and students work diligently to maximize learning. It is great to receive this national validation of the hard work of our school community in providing a rich learning environment. The US Department of Education has rigorous requirements including a comprehensive and detailed application about school practices, student test scores, academic programming and school community culture.

—Holly Leach, Superintendent

About the blue ribbon award

Every year the U. S. Department of Education seeks out great American schools demonstrating that all students can achieve to high levels. The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and private schools based on their overall academic excellence and closing the achievement gaps among student subgroups. 

According to the Council for American Private Education, “The National Blue Ribbon School Program has honored and recognized great Amerian public and private schools since 1982. A National Blue Ribbon Schools flag waving overhead has become a trademark of excellence and a symbol of quality recognized by everyone from parents to policy-makers in thousands of communities.”


What Does It Mean to Be a National Blue Ribbon School?

What Does It Mean to Be a National Blue Ribbon School?

Northshore Christian Academy recently received a prestigious honor from the US Department of Education: the National Blue Ribbon School Award. This award recognized the top private and public schools in the nation for overall academic excellence or progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups.

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NCA is Presented with National Blue Ribbon Award in Washington DC

NCA is Presented with National Blue Ribbon Award in Washington DC

The Department of Education pulled out the red carpet for 362 schools from 46 states during a two-day event in Washington D.C. filled with special speakers, ceremonial, choirs, color guards and accolades. Northshore Christian Academy was one of 50 private schools recognized as an Exemplary High Performing School.

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NCA Recognized Nationally for Excellence

NCA Recognized Nationally for Excellence

National Blue Ribbon Award Winner The US Department of Education announced on September 26, 2019, Northshore Christian Academy receives the prestigious National Blue Ribbon School award as an Exemplary High Performing school. Northshore Christian Academy is one of 50...

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Meet our Community

ELC Parent
Leta Holt
My husband and I made a great choice when we selected the Early Learning Center at Northshore Christian Academy for our 2 boys. The teachers and staff are amazingly kind, and you can tell they genuinely love being there and teaching the younger kids. The classrooms are modern and welcoming with a great mix of learning and socializing. I love that our family has made great friends with other families with children going through the same program. The ELC is a very positive and friendly place and I can't imagine my boys getting the same experience and education anywhere else.
NCA Parents
DJ & Ann Hudson
I cannot say enough great things about Northshore Christian Academy.  The Teachers and Staff really make the children their top priority.  The educational curriculum is challenging and encourages the children to push themselves, to strive to learn more, while building their relationships with God.  I also really appreciate the security measures taken to keep the children safe.  I will continue to recommend NCA to anyone looking for a quality education.
NCA Parents
Scott & Stephanie Lloyd
Three years ago, we came to NCA to find a daycare as we are working parents.  Not only did we connect to a fantastic school where my children are excited to attend, but we have gained a rich caring community.  The Godly influence of this school has overflowed into the betterment of the character of my children, our family and even our marriage.  Thank you!
NCA Parent
Teresa Carver
NCA provides an outstanding education unlike any other.  Since transferring from public school five years ago my son has excelled academically, spirtually, and emotionally.  The teachers are loving, genuine and have recognized his gifting, strengths and areas of growth year after year placing him in the precise reading, writing, spelling and math levels.  He is exceptionally prepared for a sure foundation in high school and more!

NCA's Non-Discrimination Statement

Northshore Christian Academy admits students of any color, race, national and ethnic origin. NCA does not discriminate based on color, race, national or ethnic origin.

Family Partnership

Northshore Christian Academy partners with families to provide a superior Christian education developing spiritual, academic and personal excellence in a Christ-centered environment.

Employment Opportunities

NCA is always accepting applications for Teachers, Substitutes, Educational Aids, Support Staff or Facilities Staff & Athletics Coaches! For a full list of available positions visit our Employment page.