Parent & Event Calendars

We provide two calendars for our NCA families every school year:

Current Events

MAP Testing 3rd-8th Grades

Standardized MAP Testing for 3rd-8th Grades to establish start of school baselines.

From: 10/02/2023 To: 10/05/2023

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School Pictures / K-2nd Grades

School Pictures day for K-2nd grades.


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Teacher in Service / NO School for Academy

Today is a Teacher in Service Day! There is no school for the Academy (PreK AM through 8th Grades).


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Parent Growth & Development Meeting (3rd-8th)

Parents of 3rd-8th graders, we will have a Growth & Development meeting to share what your students will be learning from this NCA based curriculum.


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School Pictures / 3rd-5th Grades

School Pictures day for 3rd-5th grades.


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